LA2016 Logic Analyzer

LA2016 Logic Analyzer

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LA2016 is a high-performance logic analyzer with 16 channels and 200M sampling rate. It is composed of two parts: software on personal computer and hardware equipment. It has the advantages of high sampling rate, large sampling depth, easy to use, etc.

LA2016 can sample 16 digital signal at same time. Then the sampled data can be displayed, analyzed, exported and saved on the computer. Software can also decode the data if it conform to the standard protocol of the software supported. Then the decoded data can be displayed, exported and saved.



  • Portable and lightweight    

  • 200M sampling rate @ full channels    

  • Large sampling depth and support compression    

  • The built-in PWM generator    

  • Compatible USB2.0/3.0 interface    

  • Powerful software and easy to use    

  • Support online upgrade automatically    



Technical Details

Dimensions255mm x 195mm x 55mm
WeightG.W 407g    
Input channels number 16
Max sampling rate 200M
Measurement bandwidth 40M
Min pulse width can be captured 12.5ns
Hardware memory size 1Gbits
Hardware sampling depth 50M/channel
Max compressed depth 10G/channel
Input voltage range -50V ~ +50V
Input impedance 220KΩ, 12pF
Threshold voltage low level < 0.8V, high level > 1.6V
PWM channels number 2
PWM frequency range 0.1 ~ 20MHz
PWM frequency adjust step 10ns
PWM pulse width adjust step 5ns
PWM output voltage +3.3V
PWM output impedance 50Ω
Standby current 150mA
Max operating current 300mA
Support OS Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7/8(32bit/64bit)
Support standard protocols UART(RS-232/485/422), I2C, SPI, CAN, DMX512, HDMI CEC, I2S/PCM, JTAG, LIN, Manchester, Modbus, 1-Wire, Simple Parallel, PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse, UNI/O, USB1.1

Part List

LA2016 Logic Analyzer11




Questions and Answers

LA2016 Logic analyser- does it wrok with Windows 10
on Nov 05,2017
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Hi there~There is a great chance of supporting win10.But we do not test this product ourself, so not for sure.
on Nov 14,2017 17:21 PM
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Are the logic analyzer brand new ? And the software with the sdk , are there going to be update (especially protocol) ? Regards.
on Oct 19,2016
Reply upvote ()
Yes,it's new.And the software will notify you automatically if any updates available.
on Oct 20,2016 10:50 AM
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    LA2016 Logic Analyzer

    SKU 109990065
    10 Available
    $88.00/ 1pcs+
    $87.50/ 10pcs+
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