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Autonomous Driving Map for Make a Robot Kit

Autonomous Driving Map is designed to be used with MARK(Make A Robot Kit) car. As the name suggests, the map helps users implement self-driving car projects or competitions and is referenced in our Autonomous Driving Coursework. Make A Robot Kit is your hands-on AI learning experience. Learn coding, robotics & AI through fun projects. This kit suits ages 12+ and is supported with graphical coding & coursework. Also, friendly for maker projects - extendable structurally and software is open source. 

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The car(MARK) shown in the video above is not included in this product but is designed to be extended with this Robotics Extension Pack. 


  • Make A Self Driving Car
  • Interactive & Engaging through AI Recognition
  • On Device Model Training
  • Designed to be extended in creative ways
  • Customizable, Extendable & Open Source


Autonomous Driving Projects 

Implement your self-driving, advanced map & story-based projects or use in robotics competitions.

Interactive & Engaging through AI Recognition 

Mark comes pre-loaded with functionality to recognize colors, shapes and objects within these categories. But of course, you should train your own custom models!  A map enables these recognition capabilities to be tied together in a story or mission style project. 

Interactive with the external world

Aside from the obvious camera sensor, there is an ultrasonic sensor included for collision avoidance, a button which you can program to change modes and an electromagnet which gives MARK a "pick up" function. Simply attach metallic stickers (included in pack) on the back of an image card. The Autonomous Driving Map is useful to set a defined path and location where the pick-up functions can be executed. 

Supported with Coursework and Graphical Coding Software 

make2Learn is our project and lesson sharing platform where you can access course content directly related to MARK and our other support projects.  There are courses for Machine Learning and Autonomous Driving.The above is an extract from Autonomous Driving. Find Lessons on 

This kit is suitable for:

  • Maker teachers
  • High school students
  • Homeschooling educators
  • STEM camps
  • AI experimenters
  • AI & robotics learners


Dimensions: 1100mm x 1263mm

Part List

1 x Mark Competition Map 


HSCODE 9023009000
USHSCODE 9023000000
EUHSCODE 9023001000
RoHS 1




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