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The MAXREFDES117# reference design is a low power, optical heart-rate module complete with integrated red and IR LEDs, and a power supply. It is designed by Maxim Integrated and manufactured by Seeed Studio.

This tiny board, perfect for wearable projects, may be placed on a finger or earlobe to accurately detect heart rate. This versatile module works with both Arduino and mbed platforms for quick testing, development and system integration. A basic, open-source heart-rate and SpO2 algorithm is included in the example firmware.

The board features 8 sewing tap pads for attachment and quick electrical connection to a development platform.

As with all Maxim reference designs, the BOM, schematics, layout files, and Gerber files are all available from the Design Resources tab.

About Maxim Integrated. At Maxim, we invent highly integrated solutions that make technology seamless. We channel our collective expertise to stretch the limits of technology, understand your needs, and help you get to market faster.

  • Optical Heart-Rate Monitor and Pulse Oximetry Solution

  • Tiny 12.7mm x 12.7mm (0.5in x 0.5in) Board Size

  • Low Power

  • Device Drivers

  • Free Algorithm

  • Example C Source Code For Arduino And mbed Platforms

  • Test Data

  • Highly-integrated, small-size sensor

  • Non-chest based heart-rate/SpO2 detection

  • Ultra-low power consumption

  • Wearables

  • Heart-rate monitor

  • Pulse oximeter

The MAXREFDES117# design utilizes the heart-rate/SpO2 sensor (MAX30102), an efficient, low-power step-down converter (MAX1921), and an accurate level translator (MAX14595). The entire design typically operates at less than 5.5mW when using with the example firmware.

  • Windows PC with a USB port

  • MAXREFDES117# board

  • 5 cables that can be used to connect the MAXREFDES117# with the controller board

  • One of the supported mbed or Arduino controller boards listed above

  • One USB cable that is compatible with the selected controller board

Download, read, and carefully follow each step in the appropriate MAXREFDES117# quick Start Guide:


Technical details

Dimensions 60mm x100mm x7.7mm
Weight G.W 3.5g
Battery Exclude


HSCODE 9031900090
USHSCODE 9031909195
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  • Question by: admin on 2018-12-18 02:23:36

    HI there, it shall support, it is i2c device, we can connect the sda/scl/3.3v/gnd to esp8266. but we do not test it yet. you can refer to MAXREFDES117# Arduino Quick Start Guide from **** for more info. thanks.

    Answer by: admin on 2018-12-18 02:23:36