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This MCX Probe kit is designed for use with our DSO Quad. It includes a 60MHz professional probe with hook and tip as well as ground lead and marker ring. There's also a switch for you to shift from X1 mode to X10 mode.


  • Oscilloscope input capacity 10pF - 40pF

  • Attenation 1:1 10:1

  • Input capacity 98pF ±10% @1:1, 33pF ±4PF @ 10:1

  • Internal resistance 12Ω±10% @1:1 9MΩ ± 1% @10:1

  • Bandwidth 20MHZ(±3dB)@1:1 60MHZ(±3dB)@10:1

  • Max input voltage 600V(AC p-p) or 200V(DC+AC p-p)

Technical details

Dimensions 190mm x55mm x24mm
Weight G.W 52g
Battery Exclude

Part List

MCX Probe Kit (X1 X10) for DSO Quad 1


HSCODE 9030900090
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