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MiCOKit-3239 Development Board

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MiCOKit from MXCHIP is one development kit based on MiCO. It could be used for the development of smart devices and the demos. This development kit provides one easy solution for developing smart devices. And it’s convenient in achieving the applications of users.


  • Based on MiCO, high efficiency, safe and easy to use;

  • Sufficient peripherals;

  • Various Demos and perfect MiCOKit SDK are available;

The kits include hardware, software and community parts with MiCOKit development board and the demos about how to connect to cloud platform to achieve the controlling by mobile phone.

  • FogCloud service is prepared;

  • Interaction with phone and PC;

  • Interface for main third cloud platform: Aliyun, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Wechat, AirKiss, Ayla, FogCloud, GizWits, Haier U+, Arrayent and so on;

Figure 1 MiCOKit Development Board

Main board

MiCOKit-3239 applies the Wi-Fi module with Arduino standard, main components:

  • EMW3239 from MXCHIP;

  • 2Mbyte build-in SPI flash within EMW3239;

  • Demos about solution of MiCO-Cloud-APP for secondary development;

  • USB to UART serial port for debugging;·

  • 3 indicator LED of working status;

  • Power supply: Micro-USB 5V with one DC-DC onboard 5V-3.3V.

  • JTAG/SWD debug connector;

  • Pins for Arduino extender board;

The functions of the pins on MiCOKit main board could be distinguished by color. Yellow is for digital signal pins, blue is for analogue signal pins and red is for power supply.

Figure 2 MiCOKit-3239 Main Board


MiCOKit uses USB as the power supply and serial communication, and one high efficient DC-DC (TD6817). TD6817 is one monolithic synchronous buck regulator with high efficiency (96%) and constant frequency (1.5MHz). The output voltage has three types: changeable, stable 1.5V and 1.8V. The maximum output current is 2A, while the static loss is just 20uA. The output voltage 2.5V-5.5V is suitable for the power supply of single lithium battery. The switch frequency is set as inner 1.5MHz which is convenient for small SMT inductor and capacitor. It has the function of over-temperature protection.

Technical details

Dimensions 69mm x53mm x10mm
Weight G.W 24g
Battery Exclude

Part List

MiCOKit-3239 Development Board 1


HSCODE 8543909000
USHSCODE 8543708800
EUHSCODE 8543709099
RoHS 1





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