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MilCandy - the Easiest Grove Controller

The MilCandy could be the easiest controller to manipulate your physical world
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The MilCandy could be the easiest controller to manipulate your physical world. It's an all-in-one design with cost and convenience in mind. It enables accomplishing simple AI tasks by plug-in sensor, actuator, and setting the triggering pattern via a few button clicks. Its Arduino based open source firmware could be updated for more complex logic.

Milcandy just compatible with Grove - Universal 4 Pin 20cm Cable (5 PCs Pack). If need other length of Grove cable, you should cut the buckle down.


  • Ships with Set-Trigger Firmware

  • Arduino compatible

  • Grove interface for sensors and actuators

  • On-board LED indicator and light sensor

  • All-in-one design with LiPo battery and enclosure

  • Cost efficient

  • Tiny and light

We‘ve prepared a video and a diagram for your instant understanding of MilCandy. Want more, or would like to get an educational material? Check the MilCandy Applications Guide after them!

MilCandy Applications Guide

Module name Parameter to measure
Grove- Button On/Off
Grove-Electricity Sensor Electricity
Grove-Gas Sensor(MQ2&MQ5) Gas Quality
Grove-Light Sensor Light
Grove- Magnetic Switch Magnetic
Grove- Moisture Sensor Moisture
Grove- PIR Motion Sensor PIR Motion
Grove- Rotary Angle Sensor Rotary Angle
Grove- Tilt Switch Object Position
Grove- Sound Sensor Sound
Grove- Temperature Sensor Temperature
Grove- Touch Sensor Human touch
Grove- Water Sensor Water

For all Grove users (especially beginners), we provide you guidance PDF documents. Please download and read through Preface - Getting Started and Introduction to Grove before your using of the product.

Technical details

Dimensions 50mm x28mm x14.5mm
Weight G.W 17g
Battery Exclude

Part List

MilCandy - the Easiest Grove Controller 1


HSCODE 9030900090
USHSCODE 8542310001
UPC 841454105855
RoHS 1




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