MiniDSO LA104 Logic Analyzer

LA104 is a compact, portable logic analyzer with a display screen
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LA104 is a compact, portable logic analyzer with a display screen. It is widely applied to avariety of industries and fields, such as automotive electronics, communication, power supply and computer.

Logic analyzer is used to analyze the logic relationship of digital systems, as it can collect and store multichannel digital signals and directly display their sequential relationship on the screen. The logic analyzer is equipped with the function of protocol analysis, and can parse logic signal of the protocol's physical layer into data of the high layer protocol and display them on the screen.


  • Color display

  • 4 Input Channels

  • 100MHz Max Sampling Rate

  • 100MHz Measuring Bandwidth

  • Built In 8MB Flash Storage

Technical details

Dimensions 40mm x150mm x103mm
Weight G.W 0.175g
Battery Exclude
Channel 4
Max Sampling Rate 100M Sa/S
Min Captured Pulse width 10ns
Input Voltage Range 0-5V
Equivalent Input Impedance 1MΩ
Threshold Voltage 1.2-3V
Programmable Output Channel 4
Programmable Output Type PWM,SPI,I2C,UART
Programmable Output Amplitude 3v
3V Power Output Channel 1
Storage Built-in 8M Flash Storage
Battery Built-in 500mAh Lithium Battery
Display 2.8 ’ Color LCD Screen
Size 100mm*56.6mm*8.4mm

Part List

Logic Analyzer 1
Hooks 5
Dupont Cables 20
Safety Instructions 1


HSCODE 9030899000
USHSCODE 90303338
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