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      Mixtile LOFT-Q

      Mixtile LOFT-Q

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      Mixtile LOFT-Q is an open-source mini single board computer based on Allwinner A31 chip. It can easy connect via Ethernet, WiFi and ZigBee.


      Featuring outstanding video processing capacity, LOFT-Q runs smoothly under the 1080p resolution. By supporting 4K2K video decoding and Blu-ray playing,it can serve as a digital high definition player.


      LOFT-Q also has spare 2.5-inch SATA III hard disk interface and Gigabit Ethernet port, and can function as low-power small NAS. When plugged to PC through Micro-USB 3.0, without connecting to external power source, it can be used as an external hard disk as well. 


      Running on open-source U-Boot, Linux Kernel and configured 180-PIN expansion interface, it has huge potential in expansibility, which is able to satisfy users’ popular demand on expansion. With imaginations, LOFT-Q can be used as a small but powerful computer.



      Features :

      • Low-power quad-core processor 

      • Open-source BSP, U-Boot and Linux Kernel 

      • Available 180-PIN expansion connector   

      • Onboard 2.5-inch SATA III connector 

      • Gigabit ethernet port, 802.11 a/g/n wireless module 

      • HDMI supports 1080p@60Hz 

      • Support 4KX2K video decoding 

      • Blu-ray playback (All winner non-open-source driver needed) 

      • Onboard eMMC

      • Motion detecting (onboard acceleration sensor)


      • Allwinner A31 ARM Cortex™-A7 Quad-core processor

      • Integrated PowerVR™ SGX544 MP2 GPU

      • 2GB 64-bit DDR3

      • 180-PIN expansion connectors, functional as I2C, SPI, LCD, MIPI DSI, RGB/LVDS, CSI, MIPI CSI, ADC, CTP, RTP, SPDIF-OUT, SPDIF-IN, GPIO

      • HDMI 1.4

      • SD Card slot

      • On-board 8GB high speed eMMCver 4.51

      • 2.5-inch SATA III connector

      • UART debug connector

      • JTAG connector

      • Gigabit ethernet port (10/100/1000 Base-T)

      • WiFi 802.11 a/g/n

      • Bluetooth 4.0

      • Micro-USB 3.0 device connector

      • 4 USB2.0 host ports

      • 1 headphone/TOSLINK composite jack

      • 2 onboard MIC

      • 48W power supply ability

      • On-board ZigBee wireless communication module


      Wiki page

      Brief introduction of LOFT-Q

      Quick guide of LOFT-Q 


      LOFT-Q Resource download link

      Techonlogy support: pro(at)

      Mixtile provides source code for LOFT-Q with github, please access for all the code you need and customize as your wish.

      Mixtile provides documents for LOFT-Q board, including tutorial, quick-guide, datasheet, schematic, etc, more info please visit.


      Technical Details

      WeightG.W 227g    


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        Mixtile LOFT-Q

        SKU 102110012
        This item is no longer available.
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