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The Servo Six board simplifies the process of connecting up to six servo motors to a Raspberry Pi or Arduino.


  • ŸScrew terminals for servo power supply
  • ŸReverse-polarity protection for the servo power supply
  • Ÿ470µF 16V capacitor for servo supply
  • Ÿ470Ω current limiting resistors for servo control lines (to protect GPIO pins)
  • ŸPower indicator LED


For use with Raspberry Pi, we have created a Python library based on Richard Hurst’s ServoBlaster code. You can download the Servo Six Python library from Gitub. This allows accurate servo positioning with a nice easy to use Python interface.

You will find full documentation for the library in the Github repository. When using the Servo Six with an Arduino, you can just use the standard Arduino Servo library.

Technical details

Dimensions 0mm x0mm x0mm
Weight G.W 17g
Battery Exclude


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