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Nachbau_v3 Kit

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This is the latest version of Christian Aschoff's popular Nachbau LED driver board
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This is the latest version of Christian Aschoff's popular Nachbau LED driver board.
With the version 3 of the NachBau, the coin cell battery (CR2032) was replaces by a super capacitor, so the actual time can be kept over ca. 2 weeks without external power supply of the board. And sure, the great advantage of a super capacitor over the battery is that you don't have to change it every couple of years for maintenece.
Besides that, a few minor improvements where made: the red power led indicates power from external power supply AND ftdi and a resistor was changed from 10k to 4.7k.
This Nachbau(“replica” in German) is an LED matrix display driver capable of driving up to 16x16 LED matrix display(i.e. 256 LEDs). It has a Super capacitor backed Real Time Clock module populated on the board for convenient time updating. The printed circuit board is compatible (not included) with a TTC module is based on DCF77 time signal from German National Physics Lab in Braunschweig. One more, this is a chainable board so you can get larger display by chaining some up. 
  • High driving capability
  • RTC inside
  • Suitable for clock projects or large LED matrix displays
  • Polished assembly instructions ready both in English and German
And before you start your soldering tour, please allow me to deliver the best wish of the designer and as he said in the instructions: “May the force with you!” 
Please visit our wiki page for more info about this product. It will be appreciated if you can help us improve the documents, add more demo code or tutorials. For technical support, please post your questions to ourforum.


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Purchased this for my 23 year old daughter in the butterscotch color. Great versatile color. She loves the size -- perfect for day or going out at night. Chain can be double to shorten for nighttime and left long to wear as a crossbody during the day.
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