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Netduino Go is a plug-and-play Netduino with support for more GPIOS, serial ports, analog inputs, and PWMs. Netduino Go has four times the speed (168MHz), six times the code space (384KB), and twice the available RAM (100KB+) of Netduino Plus.

Some of you aren't yet comfortable picking up a soldering iron, or you don't want to spend your time calculating resistor band colors. With Netduino Go, we've virtualized all the peripherals. All you have to do is pick what you need and plug it in. Besides, each module has a small microchip which works together with the mainboard, easy to use.


  • Ÿ8 gobus ports, compatible with gobus modules

  • ŸSTMicro 32-bit microcontroller

  • ŸSpeed: 168MHz, Cortex-M4

  • ŸCode Storage: 384 KB

  • ŸRAM: 100+ KB


  • ŸPower LED: white

  • ŸGobus port leds: 8 blue

  • ŸInput: micro USB powered

  • ŸOutput: 5VDC and 3.3VDC switched

  • ŸMax current: 300mA @ 5.0VDC(up to 500mA @ 3.3VDC)

  • ŸOperating Temperature: 0 - 70 °C (32 - 158 °F)

  • ŸRoHS compliant


  • ŸNetduino Go

  • ŸGobus shield base

  • ŸGobus potentiometer

  • ŸGobus rgb led

  • ŸGobus button

  • ŸFour gobus cables: two 5cm, two 10cm

  • ŸEight sticky feet

  • Ÿ3 ft micro usb cable


Technical details

Dimensions 0mm x0mm x0mm
Weight G.W 190g
Battery Exclude

Part List

Netduino Go Starter Kit 1


HSCODE 9023009000
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