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The OBD Ⅱ Slaver allows you to hack your vehicle with the integrated OBD port and output all the data via the serial interface. It supports the CAN bus protocol, integrates micro SD card slot. On top of that, with the help of a build-in Atmega32U4, it's compatible with Arduino. Which means you can code it like a Ardunio, then just plug it into your car's OBD port, you will get the output data via the Type C USB port or you can store all the data into your micro-SD card (TF card), easy-peasy.


This Serial CAN Bus module is based on MCP2551 and MCP2515, which can provide can baud rate from 5kb/s to 1Mb/s.


One more thing, we integrate the GPS module, you can even track your car with this fantastic little module. It is obvious that you will love it, happy hacking!



  • ODB Ⅱ port
  • Uart to CAN Bus communication
  • Build-in Atmega32U4
  • Integrated GPS module
  • Integrated Micro-SD(TF) card
  • AT command support
  • Up to 115200 UART baud rate (default 9600)
  • Up to 1Mb/s CAN Bus baud rate
  • TX and RX led indicator
  • Easy-to-use Arduino library


MCU Atmega32U4
(with Arduino Leonardo bootloader)
Clock Speed 16MHz
Flash Memory 32KB
Operate Voltage 5V
Input Interface OBD-II
Output Interface USB Type C

Part List

  • OBD Ⅱ Slaver(Base board) x 1
  • GPS Board x 1
  • Plastic Case x 1
  • Screw Driver x 1
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