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Omnidirectional Sensor

The Omnidirectional Sensor is a panoramic lens that can be used to create 360-degree pictures
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The Omnidirectional Sensor is a panoramic lens that can be used to create 360-degree pictures. The special curved mirror surface reflects surrounding scenery to your camera from 10-15 degree upward to 55-60 degree downward, when we set the level cross the peak of the curved surface as 0 degree.

Unlike a pan-tilt lens which has separate parts, the omnidirectional sensor is a preassembled device that it’s easy to install, use and maintain. You just need to fix the end with male thread into the female thread on a CCD camera, and then you are ready to go.

The shape of image captured by this lens is round. With the software contained in the disk shipped with this lens, you can convert the round image into a panorama or normal vision pictures. Following are the raw image, normal format image and panoramic format image from left to right.


Vstone has already applied the omnidirectional sensor to quite a lot of their humanoid robots, such as VisiON 4G, Vstone 810 and Robovie-R2 as shown below from left to right. It’s a good choice for robot vision function, because it has much wider angle and collects direction information at the same time.

Apart from robot vision function, its wide angle makes the lens a great device for surveillance or anti-crime network. However, wide angle also leads to its only defect, which is after format conversion; some images do not have very high definition. Therefore, you cannot get a high-resolution image of a human face in this way.  In this case, you need a camera of higher resolution, such as VS-C42 series. 

Note: We do not have VS-C42 series in stock right now.  If you want this series, please feel free to tell us, and we will meet your demand. 

Technical details

Dimensions 0mm x0mm x0mm
Weight G.W 270g
Battery Exclude




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