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OpenSprinkler is an open-source, Internet-based sprinkler / irrigation timer
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OpenSprinkler is an open-source, Internet-based sprinkler / irrigation timer. This is the official version 2.0s, featuring ATmega644 mcu pre-flashed with firmware 2.0.0. This product is fully assembled (with SMT components) and tested.
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Firmware 1.8 Video Tutorial



  • Input voltage: 22∼28V AC.
  • Power consumption: 1∼1.5W.
  • Maximum number of zones: 48.
  • Maximum current supply from USB port (+5V line): 450 mA (to power external USB devices).
  • Built-in ATmega644 mcu, USB programmer, microSD card slot, DS1307 RTC, backup battery, and rain sensor terminal.
  • Controls 8 zones (stations). For more zones (up to 48), buy OpenSprinkler Zone Expansion Board.
  • Package includes one assembled and tested OpenSprinkler, with product case and terminal blocks.
  • Does NOT include sprinkler transformer or valves, which are available at Amazon.com or local home improvement stores.
  • Does NOT have built-in WiFi but can work with and power a portable WiFi adapter (see links below) for wireless connection.
  • Spare analog / digital pins, serial, and I2C for interfacing with external sensors and actuators.
  • Check related Accessories and Sensors.
  • Software code and hardware design files available for download at Rayshobby GitHub.
Check related Accessories and Sensors
  • DHT11 or DHT22 temperature sensor
  • USB female A to male B converter
  • RF 433MHz transmitter / receiver pair, and RF 315MHz transmitter / receiver pair
  • PL2303 USB-to-Serial cable
You can find these accessories at http://shop.rayshobby.net
Software code and hardware design files available for download at Rayshobby GitHub.
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