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PSMD Triple Axis Driver

The PSMD Triple Axis Driver is a carrier board for up to three Pololu A4988 stepper motor drivers
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The PSMD Triple Axis Driver is a carrier board for up to three Pololu A4988 stepper motor drivers. These drivers feature Allegro’s easy-to-use A4988 micro-stepping bipolar stepper motor driver.
This is a drop-in replacement for MakerBot Cupcake, MakerBot Thing-O-Matic, or any RepRap or other CNC machine that uses the MakerBot Gen3 or Gen4 electronics. It comes with three 10-pin IDC headers, and you will need ribbon cables, 6-pin or 10-pin IDC headers for the other end of the ribbon cable, and the Pololu A4988 drivers themselves.
This is also provides an easy way to drive up to three stepper motors from an Arduino or similar without the need to solder.
  • Drop-in upgrade for up to three MakerBot Gen3 or Gen4 stepper motor drivers, with up to 8x (Gen3) or 2x (Gen4) the resolution.
  • Dramatic reduction in operating sounds when used on a MakerBot Cupcake.
  • Easy-to use interface. Only three pins are needed to drive each stepper motor. Only one potentiometer is needed to control current. (See the Pololu/Allegro A4988 documentation for more details.)
  • The drivers support up to 1/16th microstepping, making a 200-step/revolution bipolar stepper motor operate at up to 3200 steps/revolution.
  • Molex connector for power input, for easy connection to a computer PSU.
  • Switchable 12V out or 8-35V input screw terminal. (Note that the on-board LEDs are rated for 12V, and may burn out at much more than that without replacing the current-limiting resistors.)
  • Using the screw terminal for 12V out is an easy way to provide 12V out for a cooling fan or LED lights.
  • Easy-to-change DIP switches to control the microstepping level for each of the three stepper positions, with the available settings clearly documented on the silkscreen.
  • Use for one, two, or three stepper motors. Each driver is independent.
  • Six additional 4-pin switch input connectors, two per driver, are also connected to pins in the 10-pin IDC ribbon cables and are for use as end-stop input for MakerBot or RepRap printers, or are free for whatever use you choose.
Note: These require at least one Pololu A4988 stepper motor driver.
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Technical details

Dimensions 0mm x0mm x0mm
Weight G.W 50g
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