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Need to connect some analog sensors to your Papilio FPGA board? Look no further, the Papilio Analog Grove Wing opens up the incredible library of Grove building blocks for your use! Grove modules provide rock solid and proven designs for simple electronic building blocks such as gas sensors, joysticks, light sensors, and pretty much anything you can imagine.

If you need an electronic widget and don’t want to bother with breadboarding then Grove is your answer. Just purchase the Grove module you need, connect it to the Papilio Analog Grove Wing or the Papilio Digital Grove Wing using the standard connectors and you are ready to go! Each Grove module comes with an Arduino Sketch that will work with the ZAP IDE, just take a look at the modules Wiki page to find the source code.


  • 8 Analog Channels – Connect 8 analog Grove devices to one Papilio Wing Slot!

  • Easy Connections – Use the converter cable to connect the Grove connector to the space saving 3 pin header on the Wing.

  • Large library of Electronic Widgets – The Grove product line has pretty much any electronic widget you could imagine. This single Wing opens up hundreds of possibilities to connect to your Papilio FPGA board!


Note this unit does not include the converter cable, please be sure to buy a bundle of converter cables to attach your Grove modules to the Papilio Analog Grove Wing.

This Wing allows you to connect Analog Grove modules, if you want to connect Digital modules then please take a look at the Papilio Digital Grove Wing.


  • 8 Channel SPI ADC

  • 1Msps sampling speeds

  • 12-Bit A/D Converter

  • Accepts voltages from 0 to 5V

  • ADC128S102 Datasheet

For more info and to get started with your Papilio Analog Grove Wing, visit the hardware guide page.

If you encounter any problems when using this product, visit the Gadget Factory Forum.

Technical details

Dimensions 60mm x60mm x12mm
Weight G.W 6g
Battery Exclude


HSCODE 8517709000
USHSCODE 8517700000
UPC 841454105237
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