Protoshield Kit for Arduino

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Build your own Arduino shield using the compact and flexible Proto Shield kit

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Build your own Arduino shield using the compact and flexible Proto Shield kit. Solder together a limitless range of circuits and reuse it in all your Arduino projects. A standard 0.1" prototyping grid accepts commonly used through-hole parts and chips. You could also find a range of basic components are included to help you get started with your custom shield. 
  • Standard Arduino compatible

  • Large 0.1"*0.1" pitch prototyping area

  • A variety of through-hole sizes to fit most parts

  • Arduino UART and I2C port pin breakout for easy external communications

  • Dual ISP breakouts for easy programming and stacking

  • 3.3 volt, 5 volt, and ground power rails are easily available anywhere on the board

  • Breadboard style prototyping area

  • USB type B breakout

  • Basic components included (buttons, switches, LEDs, resistors, USB jack)

Packing List
  • 1x Arduino compatible Proto Board

  • 1x B type USB connector

  • 1x 40-pin 2.54mm male long header

  • 1x 40-pin 2.54mm female header

  • 2x 40-pin 2.54mm male header

  • 1x 40-pin 2.54mm spacer

  • 3x 8-pin 2.54mm female header

  • 1x 6-pin 2.54mm female header

  • 1x ISP female pin header

  • 1x ISP male pin header

  • 1x 10k Ohm rotary potentiometer

  • 4x 1k Ohm through-hole resistor

  • 2x 10k Ohm through-hole resistor

  • 2x 3mm Red through-hole LED

  • 2x 3mm Green through-hole LED

  • 1x 3mm dual color through-hole LED

  • 4x Mini push button switch

  • 2x DPDT switch

Technical details

Dimensions 110mm x80mm x21mm
Weight G.W 42g
Battery Exclude

Part List

Arduino compatible Proto Board 1
B type USB connector 1
40-pin 2.54mm male long header 1
40-pin 2.54mm female header 1
40-pin 2.54mm male header 2
40-pin 2.54mm spacer 1
8-pin 2.54mm female header 3
6-pin 2.54mm female header 1
ISP female pin header 1
ISP male pin header 1
10k Ohm rotary potentiometer 1
1k Ohm through-hole resistor 4
10k Ohm through-hole resistor 2
3mm Red through-hole LED 2
3mm Green through-hole LED 2
3mm dual color through-hole LED 1
Mini push button switch 4
DPDT switch 2


HSCODE 8517709000
USHSCODE 8517700000
UPC 841454104803





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