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      RB-421 Servo 2 Pcs Pack
      • RB-421 Servo 2 Pcs Pack

      RB-421 Servo 2 Pcs Pack

      SKU MOT111E2M
      This product is no longer available in our store
      This item is no longer available.
      This product is no longer available in our store.

      RB-421 is a high quality ,low-cost servo for all your mechatronic needs. It comes with a 3-pin power and control cable, even a dozen of hardware as shown.

      Specifications :

      1.Control System:+Pulse Width Control 1500usec Neutral
      2.Operating Voltage:4.8-6.0 Volts
      3.Operating Temperature Range:0 to +60 Degree C
      4.Operating Speed (4.8V):0.17sec/60° at no load
      5.Operating Speed (6.0V):0.40sec/60° at no load
      6.Stall Torque:(4.8V):2.9kg·cm ;(6.0V):4.6kg·cm
      7.Current Drain (4.8V):7.6mA/idle and 160mA no load operating
      8.Current Drain (6.0V):7.9mA/idle and 190mA no load operating
      9.Dead Band Width:20usec
      10.Connector Wire Length:300mm
      11.Dimensions:40.2mm X 20.2mm X 43.2mm

      location of each pin
      red (+),brown (-), yellow (signal).

      2 servos included in this pack
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