RF Explorer RFEMWSUB3G Module

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Easy to plug in your RF Explorer unit Extend band coverage to any frequency starting at 15MHz and going up to 2.7GHz Extend internal FLASH and RAM memory for additional capabilities Lifetime free firmware upgrades available

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RFEMWSUB3G is an Expansion Module for RF Explorer. It can be plugged in your RF Explorer unit to extend the coverage to 15-2700 MHz (0.015-2.7GHz) continuous frequency band.

It gets attached internally to the RF Explorer main board and exhibits a second antenna connector to cover the new band.



  • Easy to plug in your RF Explorer unit, compatible with all models. Optionally, you may want to order a fully assembled RF Explorer 3G Combo including a WSUB1G base model and a RFEMWSUB3G expansion module.

  • Includes a transport EVA carry case for RF Explorer

  • Extend band coverage to any frequency starting at 15MHz and going up to 2.7GHz. This include very interesting frequency areas such as 2m HAM radio, all VHF and UHF, FM radio, GPS, WiFi and WiMax, Bluetooth, etc.

Important: Note this unit does not include RF Generator functionality, only Spectrum Analyzer functionality is available.



  • Frequency band coverage: 15-2700 MHz

  • Standard SMA 50 ohms connector

  • Amplitude resolution: 0.5dBm

  • Dynamic range: -110dBm to -10dBm

  • Absolute Max input power: +30dBm

  • Average noise floor level (typical): -100dBm

  • 50 ohms wideband dual band telescopic 144/430MHz antenna included

  • Frequency stability and accuracy (typical): +-10ppm

  • Amplitude stability and accuracy (typical): +-6dBm

  • Frequency Span: 100MHz

  • Frequency resolution: 1Khz

  • Resolution bandwidth (RBW): automatic 3KHz to 600KHz

  • Expansion RAM: 64KB

  • Expansion ROM: 2MB


This product is designed by RF-Explorer,

  • For more info and to get started with your RF Explorer, visit the start page.

  • For questions and support, please visit https://support.rf-explorer.com

  • For the software for RF Explorer series, please click the following logo for more information: 


Technical details

Dimensions 0mm x0mm x0mm
Weight G.W 124g
Battery Exclude

Part List

RFEM WSUB3G Module 1
SMA 50 ohms connector 1
Antenna 1


HSCODE 9030900090
USHSCODE 9030890100
UPC 841454103868
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