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Raspberry PI breakout protoboard for shields

Designed By wandlering minds
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Designed Bywandlering minds

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Active cooling is nice for keeping the Raspberry Pi cool, but it is hard to cool when using a shield.

Using a shield is nice, but it sometimes becomes harder to get to the GPIO pins when using a shield.

Need a breakout board for accessing all the GPIO and a small breadboard for soldering components to? Need to use a shield while wanting active cooling?

The Raspberry Pi breakout protoboard for shields does everything!

The board attaches to the 40pin header of a Raspberry Pi 3 or 4 with 40 pin header at the very edge of the board. Some active cooling methods can be used with the board in place - but this hasn't been tested with all methods - consult the dimensions before purchasing. The board extends 2mm into the board from the header on both dimensions. This area cannot be cut off because the 3.3V power trace runs along the top side. If 3.3V is not needed, the board can be trimmed along the top (but not recommended)

Comes with a female header for attaching to the 40 pin Pi connector, and reproduces the male header of the Pi to allow for installing a shield.

Also breaks out all 26 GPIO pins with 5 through-holes for soldering.

Contains 2 sets of 17 row protoboard areas with 5 pins for each row. Plenty of ground and 5V and 3.3V access holes as well.

Has 4 solder points for 6x6mm smd buttons - no resistor pads though, pull up or pull down will have to be done through-hole style.

The breakout board is an easy way to solder projects for the Pi and move from board to board.



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