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      Raspberry Pi Prototyping Board

      Raspberry Pi Prototyping Board

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      This Prototyping Board is Designed for Raspberry Pi B+/A+ and Raspberry Pi 2 Model B,  you can combine your raspberry pi with other components, modules. There are a EEPROM for you to make your HAT for Raspberry Pi.


      • A big prototyping area, half of which is 'breadboard' style and half of which is 'perfboard' style so you can wire up DIP chips, sensors, and the like.
      • Along the edges of the proto area, all the GPIO/I2C/SPI and power pins are broken out to 0.1"stips so you can easily connect to them.
      • On the edges of the prototyping area, all of the breakout pins are also connected to labeled 3.5mm screw-terminal blocks. This makes it easy to semi-permanently wire in sensors, LEDs, etc.
      • There's also a 4-block terminal block broken out to 0.1"pads for general non-GPIO wiring.
      • A SOIC and a TSSOP surface mount chip breakout area, for those chips that dont come in DIP format. 
      • EEPROM for Raspberry Pi HAT
      • POWER LED indicator



      Technical Details

      Dimensions120mm x 80mm x 25mm
      WeightG.W 55g    


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        Raspberry Pi Prototyping Board

        SKU 114990170
        1 Available
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