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Remote AI Temperature Screening System

Remote AI Temperature Screening System integrates an AI detects and recognize faces while measuring the temperature simultaneously. 

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The Remote AI Temperature Screening System is designed to provide non-contact forehead temperature inspection. The system is optimized to work accurately with a margin of error within 0.3 degrees Celsius even in situations where the persons to be tested wearing masks, as long as they are standing in front of the system within 3 meters of range.

This system is perfect for populated locations where rapid temperature inspection is needed, especially in the situation of containing the COVID-19 pandemic where people need to wear masks while measuring the temperature.

The system is equipped with a facial recognition feature. As long as the facial information is in the database, the system can recognize faces and measure forehead temperature at the same time. The temperature inspection accuracy doesn't get affected even when the person wears a mask. 

Key Features

  • Non-contact, remote forehead temperature inspection & facial recognition
  • Multi-point temperature data collection to ensure accuracy
  • Face detection to collect temperature data on faces and forehead only, avoiding interference from surrounding environments
  • Accurate temperature inspection even with masks on
  • Simultaneously monitoring the temperature of many people
  • Acute face recognition of people who are in the database
  • Play & play: Work right after the device is connected to the power and a display, no extra configuration needed
  • Alarm setting enabled: preset the lowest and highest temperature value, and when abnormal values are detected, the system will send out alarms

Demo Video



This system can be widely used in locations such as hospitals, airports, subway stations, train stations, exits & entrances of industrial parks and shopping malls, offices, and schools, etc.



Resolution 1920 x 1080
Focal Length 8mm

Temperature Monitoring

Temperature Range 20℃ ~ 45℃
Accuracy ≤ ±0.3°C(target temperature: 32°C~42°C)
Measuring Duration < 500ms
Measurement Distance <3m (optimal range: 1~1.5m)
Temperature Correction real-time auto-correction with embedded blackbody
NETD 60mk

Environmental Adaptability

Optimal Operating Temperature 16°C~ 32°C
Storage Temperature -20°C ~ 60°C
Working Humidity <90% (non-condensing)


FCC, CE certifications

Hardware Overview

AI Detector with thermal imaging camera and facial recognition camera. You can see the dimension and interface overview below.

The terminal includes the CPU and AI algorithms. You can see the interface overview below.

Software Features

Front-end Application Software

  • Face detection and recognition
  • Temperature screening
  • Abnormality alert
  • Data display
  • API available to be connected to a third-party data platform

Back-end software

  • Personnel management
  • Temperature collection and algorithm
  • Abnormality alert setting
  • Attendance management
  • Device management
  • Location management of multiple devices

Part List

  • AI detector x 1
  • Terminal x 1
  • Power adapter x 2
  • USB cable x 1


Q: Is a warranty provided for this product? How can the customer claim the warranty? 

A: Yes, the warranty is 12 months. You can contact Seeed directly via this email: iot[at]seeed[dot]cc

Q: Will a power supply with UK/SG Power Plug be provided with the product? 

A: I am afraid the products only come with standard Chinese power plugs. But we will provide an adaptor.

Q: What is the maximum number of faces the system can recognize?

A: The database can support storing up to 100,000 records. When the number surpasses this amount, it will follow FIFO (first in first out) method to erase 1000 records each cycle.

Q: How many faces can be detected at the same time?

A: No limit, as long as the faces are in the range (1~3meters) and can be captured by the camera.

Q: Is the product standalone or must it be connected to the manufacturer's servers?

A: It's standalone.

Q: How much storage is available on the unit itself? And is there any way to expand the memory of the unit such as thru an external hard disk?

A: The device storage is 20G, among which, 4G is the system, with 16G left for storage. The TF card slot is reserved for future use.

Q: Does the product come with a display?

A: No. It can work with any display via an HDMI cable.

Q: What certifications does this product have?

A: FCC and CE certification.

Q: Is this product a medical-grade product? 

A: No, it's not a medical-grade product. It's a high-end, non-medical temperature inspection product, for non-contact temperature screening in populous areas, especially during the pandemic outbreak. 

Q: Is there an audio alarm when a fever is detected? 

Yes, there are built-in audio messages, including the followings:

- Visitor temperature normal

- Visitor temperature high

- XX temperature normal

- XX temperature high

(XX is the name of the person whose face has been registered into the system).

Q: I’d like to use this in a location without entering any people to the database, is that possible?

Yes, it’s possible. And the system will regard everyone who takes the temperature check as visitors.

Q: Is it possible to use the system without photographs being exposed?

A: Sorry it’s not possible to use the system without photographs being exposed. The system uses the camera to detect faces and get the temperature inspection on the face & forehead. If without the photograph, the device couldn’t locate the face & forehead to take temperature inspection.

Q: If someone came in directly after exercising (running, cycling, hot summer day) would this device detect a high-temperature value? 

A: Yes, it will lead to a high-temperature value. We’d suggest taking a rest and wait for the temperature to drop back to normal, and then take the temperature inspection.


HSCODE 9025199010
USHSCODE 9024900080
EUHSCODE 9405413910
RoHS 1




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