Seeedstudio ESP8285 Wi-Fi SoC Module

Seeedstudio ESP8285 Wi-Fi SoC Module

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ESP-01M can be widely used in various occasions for networking, home automation, industrial wireless control, baby monitors, wearable electronics, infinite position sensing device, wireless positioning system, signal and other networking applications, networking applications is the ideal solution.

ESP-01M uses the DIP plug-in package, the unique design, so that it can be flexible docking to existing products, especially suitable for automation, large-scale, modern production of low cost, convenient application in various networking hardware terminal applications.


  • The smallest 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi SoC module

  • Uses low power 32bit CPU and compatible with application processor

  • Main frequency up to 160MHz

  • Built in 10Bit high precision ADC

  • Support UART/GPIO/PWM/ADC interface

  • Integrate Wi-Fi MAC/BB/RF/PA/LNA

  • Support multiple sleep modes

  • Standby power consumption as low as 1.0mW

  • Embedded Lwip protocol stack

  • Support STA/AP/STA+AP work model

  • Support Smart Config/AirKiss

  • Series Rate up to 4Mbps

  • Universal AT instruction

  • Support serial local upgrade and remote firmware upgrade

  • Small size 18*18*2.8mm



Technical Details

Dimensions0mm x 0mm x 0mm
WeightG.W 2g     N.W 1.50g
Support Interface UART/GPIO/ADC/PWM
SPI Flash 1MB
I/O Put 11
Series Rate Support 300~4608000 bps, default 115200 bps
RF Range 2412~2484MHz
Antenna Embedded PCB Antenna, gain 2dBi
Transmitted power
802.11b 16±2dBm(@11Mbps)
802.11g 14±2dBm(@54Mbps)
802.11n 13±2dBm(@HT20,MCS7)
Receiver sensitivity
CCK, 1 Mbps -90dBm
CCK, 11 Mbps -85dBm
6 Mbps (1/2 BPSK) -88dBm
54 Mbps (3/4 64-QAM) -70dBm
HT20, MCS7 (65 Mbps, 72 Mbps) -67dBm
Power waste
Continue sending=>average value ~71mA, Max: 300mA
Modem Sleep ~20mA
Light Sleep ~2mA
Deep Sleep ~0.02mA
Power Supply Range
Voltage 3.0V~3.6V
Current >300mA
Working Temperature -20°C~85°C
Storage environment -40°C~90°C, <90%RH

Part List

ESP 01M Module1




Questions and Answers

What type of connector interface is recommended or solder direct to pins on tab?
on Aug 29,2017
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These are standard 18 pin Duel Edge Card connectors. Pretty common, and have been around for decades. You can get connectors for these at just about any good electronics supplier in different formats. Solder on board, ribbon cable press on or even solder cup for soldering cables directly. I don&amp;#39;t know why they&amp;#39;re calling them DIP (Duel Inline Pin), that&amp;#39;s a totally different standard, and confusing, I&amp;#39;m sure, to most people.
on Aug 29,2017 22:55 PM
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I have been looking this morning for a 1.6 mm pitch connector for this. I have been unable to find them. Got any links to a good electronics supplier that has the connectors in stock?
on Aug 30,2017 01:16 AM
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I&amp;#39;m also interested but cannot find an adequate slot. It would be good to understand why this format was chosen. And maybe an option to buy a slot adapter with this item. Thx.
on Aug 30,2017 03:40 AM
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Same problem here. Cloudn&amp;#39;t find any 1.6mm pitch card edge connectors on Mouser, Digikey or RS. 1.57mm is the closer but then there are no 2x9 1.57mm connectors...
on Aug 31,2017 19:32 PM
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hi there , you could use an edge connector. And you can find one in ebay by seach the key word&lsquo;edge connector&rsquo;.If you can&amp;#39;t find a suitable one, you can seach it in . notice,2X9pin is what you need,but 2x10 is compatible too
on Sep 01,2017 11:49 AM
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Sorry we don&amp;#39;t have compatible connector for sale at present.We&amp;#39;ve asked the manufacturer for help.If they don&amp;#39;t have either,we will make one ourselves.Regards.
on Sep 01,2017 16:19 PM
Reply upvote () ..might work.
on Nov 17,2017 07:23 AM
Reply upvote ()
No, that won't work. The pitch on the actual connector pins is 0.4mm (and offset). The 1.6mm &quot;pitch&quot; refers to the space between the top and bottom rows of the rear solder tails.
on Jan 05,2018 09:19 AM
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FOUND an adapter and it works. at least for breadboard testing.
on Mar 28,2018 07:22 AM
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If you've got a fairly accurate 3D printer and a little time, you can use this as a starting point: Would love to get some feedback on how it works for others.
on Jun 02,2018 04:14 AM
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Without matching and available (!!!) connector totally useless. Welcome to China - &quot;Sell first, solve problems later&quot; :-D
on Sep 01,2017
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hi there , you could use an edge connector. And you can find one in ebay by seach the key word&lsquo;edge connector&rsquo;.If you can&amp;#39;t find a suitable one, you can seach it in Taobao .And please read the Part list more careful next time,we don&amp;#39;t sale the connector.And please do not blame China for your own mistake. Regards Jelly
on Sep 01,2017 16:18 PM
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DIGIKEY, MOUSER, FARNELL, have. Taobao would be an option - but with english search no chance to find. Maybe you can share ANY taobao link, then can search for similiar products. Overall I think, it is not the card edge connector itself. The biggest problem is the seldom used pitch of 1.6mm.
on Sep 05,2017 22:32 PM
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How can you program it? Has it any breakout kit?
on Sep 03,2017
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Hi~We plan to make a connector,and it will coming soon.
on Sep 04,2017 13:34 PM
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@Seeed Techsupport Team Please use standard pitch on the connector(s) - and include them in every &amp;quot;ESP8285 DIP plug-in package&amp;quot;, like Wemos do on their D1 mini boards. You may want to consider redesigning the current product to use 2.54 pitch and provide matching connectors... and make a similar esp8266 and ESP32 product
on Sep 06,2017 15:27 PM
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This helped me a lot.
on Jan 17,2018
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Hi there~ Thanks for your sharing, it definitely will help others.Regards
on Jan 18,2018 11:07 AM
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Does this have an FCC certification? Are there plans to get it certified in the future?
on Sep 27,2017
Reply upvote ()
Hi,there ~ Currently this only have ROHS and reach certification, and the FCC is on the way, will coming soon.Regards.
on Sep 29,2017 16:34 PM
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    Seeedstudio ESP8285 Wi-Fi SoC Module

    SKU 102990965
    50+ Available
    $2.95/ 1pcs+
    $2.80/ 10pcs+
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