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      Seeeduino Motion Frame
      • Seeeduino Motion Frame
      • Seeeduino Motion Frame

      Seeeduino Motion Frame

      SKU 102010002
      • Designed for Seeeduino Film
      • Flexible, ultra small, slim form factor
      • Chainable with other extension frames
      • Reinforced to increase endurance
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        Seeeduino Film Motion Frame is a motion sensing extension board designed for Seeeduino Film. Its flexible, ultra-slim and small form factor is suitable for building wearable devices. It consists of a Barometer(HP03M), a 3-axis Accelerometer Sensor (MMA7660FC) and a 32 Mb serial Flash Memory (W25X32). This provide sensing and logging of altitude, temperature, air pressure and motion for Seeeduino Film. Film and other extension FRAMEs could be simply connected via the 20 pin universal bus like a chain. Its native 2.54mm pitch pins enable quick prototyping as well.


        • • ŸFlexible, Ultra small / Slim form factor

        • • ŸSeeeduino Film compatible

        • • ŸI²C Barometer

        • • ŸI²C 3-Axis Accelerometer

        • • ŸSPI 32M-BIT Serial Flash

        • • Ÿ0.1"pitch pad breakout

        • • Ÿ20 pin daisy-chain flex bus

        • • ŸTransform by cutting and chaining

        • • ŸReinforced to increase endurance

        • • ŸApplication Ideas

        • • ŸWeather Watching

        • • ŸEnvironment Sensing

        • • ŸSports and Gyms

        • • ŸHiking / Climbing

        • • ŸHobby Aviation

        • • ŸSecurity

        • • ŸData logging


        Please visit our wikipage for more info about this product. It will be appreciated if  you can help us improve the documents, add more demo code or tutorials. For technical support, please post your questions to our forum.

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        Questions and Answers

        What are the measurements of the unit and how flexible is it? For example, can it be folded on top of itself to be stack on top of each other vertically or must it be extended horizontally?

        on Oct 19,2016
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        <p>Hello, glad to know that you are interested in this product. Yes, it can be folded on top of itself to be stack on top of each other vertically , and its the dimension is 77.5mm*20.3mm*1.57mm.</p>
        on Oct 20,2016 10:43 AM
        Replyupvote ()

        I' m building a very lite data logger for my rc car. I would register speed, acceleration, direction and jumps. I don't understand what I need. Motion frame has gps inside able to catch all data? where can I store them (sd, bluetooth...)?

        on Oct 19,2016
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        <p>Hi Alessandro,there is a 32M Bit SPI Flash module,you can store your data in it .</p>
        on Oct 20,2016 10:42 AM
        Replyupvote ()

        Current Motion Frame libraries use the old wprogram.h and its old methods. Please could you update the libraries to be Arduino 1.0 compliance?


        on Oct 19,2016
        Replyupvote ()
        <p>Thanks for your inquiring. We will update it soon.</p>
        on Oct 20,2016 10:41 AM
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