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SenseCAP Indicator D1L, 4-Inch Touch Screen IoT development platform powered by ESP32S3 & RP2040

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SenseCAP Indicator is a 4-inch touch screen driven by ESP32 and RP2040 dual-MCU and supports Wi-Fi/BLE/LoRa® communication. It is a fully open-source powerful IoT development platform for developers. One-stop ODM Fusion service is also available for customization and quick scale-up.

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SenseCAP Indicator has FCC, CE, RoHS, and REACH certifications for all models (D1, D1S, D1L, D1Pro), and TELEC certification formal certificate for D1, D1S versions. Please download the certificate here.

For big quantity orders please contact [email protected].

SenseCAP Indicator is a 4-inch touch screen driven by ESP32 and RP2040 dual-MCU and supports Wi-Fi/BLE/LoRa® communication.

The board comes with Type-C and Grove interfaces, supports ADC and IIC transmission protocols, and can easily connect to other peripherals with rich GPIOs.

SenseCAP Indicator is a fully open-source powerful IoT development platform for developers. One-stop ODM Fusion service is also available for customization and quick scale-up.


  • Dual MCUs and Rich GPIOs: Equipped with powerful ESP32S3 and RP2040 dual MCUs and over 400 Grove-compatible GPIOs for flexible expansion options.
  • Real-time Air Quality Monitoring: Built-in tVOC and CO2 sensors, and an external Grove AHT20 temperature and humidity sensor for more precise
  • Local LoRa® Hub for IoT Connectivity: Integrated Semtech SX1262 LoRa® chip (optional) for connecting LoRa® devices to popular IoT platforms such as Matter via Wi-Fi, without the need for additional compatible devices.
  • Fully Open Source Platform: Leverage the extensive ESP32 and Raspberry Pi open-source ecosystem for infinite application possibilities.
  • Fusion ODM Service Available: Seeed Studio also provides one-stop ODM service for quick customization and scale-up to meet various needs.


SenseCAP Indicator native firmware enables you to use it as a desktop air quality detector or you could customize one of your own styles. There are built-in tVOCs and CO2 sensors, and a Grove TH sensor is provided to connect externally to reduce heat interference to get more accurate temperature and humidity results.

The embedded SX1262 LoRa® module enables you to build the LoRa® application and connect your local LoRa® sensors to the Cloud via Wi-Fi. For example, you could build a LoRa® hub device to connect your LoRa® sensors to your smart home ecosystem to implement Matter over Wi-Fi. In this way, the LoRa® devices could be connected to the Matter ecosystem via Wi-Fi, without the need to buy a new Matter-compatible device.

The software of SenseCAP Indicator is completely open-source. Developers could create various IoT applications such as:

  • Air Quality Monitor
  • Weather Station Display
  • Sensor Data Dashboard
  • Smart Home Assistant
  • Mini Sensor Hub
  • Stock Price Indicator
  • Digital Album
  • Standard Operation Procedure Reminder
  • ...

It can also be used to develop various exciting applications integrating with third-party platforms, such as AWS / ChatGPT / Matter / NodeRED / IoTex ...

SenseCAP Indicator X ChatGPT X DALL·E Demo

SenseCAP indicator x Home Assistant Demo


This sketch shows the development possibilities for the related IoT ecosystem, developers need to develop the firmware based on need.

SenseCAP Indicator is an interactive display and control terminal for various IoT applications. It provides developers with a powerful and interface-rich development platform powered by ESP32-S3 and RP2040 dual-MCU.

Don't wait anymore, start your wonderful development journey with SenseCAP Indicator now!

Hardware Version

The SenseCAP Indicator series offers four different versions: D1, D1S, D1L, and D1Pro. Each version is designed to meet different application needs without any extra cost from unnecessary hardware. Here are the differences between the versions:


Screen 3.95 Inch, Capacitive RGB Touch Screen
Screen Resolution 480 x 480 pixels
Power Supply 5V DC, 1A
Battery N/A

ESP32-S3: Xtensa® dual-core 32-bit LX7 microprocessor, up to 240MHz

RP2040: Dual ARM Cortex-M0+ up to 133MHz


ESP32S3: 8MB

RP2040: 2MB

External Storage Support up to 32GB Micro SD Card (not included)
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, 2.4GHz
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0 LE
LoRa®(SX1262) LoRa®WAN/(G)FSK, 21dBm Max Transmitted Power Sensitivity/-136dBm@SF12 BW=125KHz RX Sensitivity, Up to 5km (depending on gateway antenna and environments)

Built-in CO2 (SCD41)

Range: 0-40000ppm

Accuracy: 400ppm - 5000ppm ±(50ppm+5% of reading)

Built-in TVOC (SGP40)

Range: 1-500 VOC Index Points

External Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Range: -40 ~ + 85 ℃/± 0.3 ℃; 0 ~ 100% RH/± 2% RH (25 ℃)
Buzzer MLT-8530, Resonant Frequency:2700Hz

ODM Service


If you want to customize your own SenseCAP Indicator, Seeed Studio provides a one-stop ODM service for quick customization and scale-up. Please contact [email protected] if you have a large quantity customization need

With over 10 years of ODM & OEM experience, our engineers and product experts are proficient in delivering customization services for popular open-source hardware platforms, such as Raspberry Pi, NVIDIA Jetson, Beagleboard, ESP32, and more.

We are committed to assisting you at any moment and shortening your path from idea to product for emerging AIoT scenarios.

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Become the next success story with Seeed Co-Create. All licensed projects, whether hardware, software, tutorial, or complete product will feature on the Seeed Studio store(Bazaar) individually or with Seeed Studio's products for sale and you will get a share of the profits. We are looking for unique projects that strongly identify with Seeed Studio's audience, solve real-life problems, fill a niche and/or spur inspiration and creativity. Find out how you can co-create and license your ideas and talents with us now!

Part List

SenseCAP Indicator x1
USB Type-C Cable (1m) x1
Grove AHT20 TH Sensor (For D1S and D1Pro version) x1


HSCODE 8517180050
USHSCODE 8543708800
EUHSCODE 8543709099
CE 1
EU DoC 1
RoHS 1
UK DoC 1




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  1. Documentation
    Product Quality
    from order view
    The SenseCAP Indicator D1L has a great 4-inch touch screen, perfect for IoT development. However, the power cable placement could be improved, as it may interfere with the back leg, causing potential damage. In terms of documentation, providing the Squareline base project as a starting point would facilitate customization.
  2. Documentation
    Product Quality
    from order view
    A piece of art, highly customizable for different project needs, LoRa WiFi and BLE at the same place, the screen is sharming and lovely to use.
    Even the enclosure is amazing and good looking
    Highly recommend


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