Skeleton box for Raspberry Pi

Skeleton box for Raspberry Pi

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This enclosure is constructed from military grade alminum and hardwearing acrylic, Providing the ultimate protection from physical and corrosion! The skeleton allows clearance for any standard Arduino, and the enclosures are stackable in all three dimensions, allowing for limitles expansion possibilities. 

Mounting holes are also pre-drilled to allow for motors,meaning can easily turn the skeleton into a mini-car! The skeleton is easy to use, and provides the best protection for your Arduino that money can buy! And this is a simply case, specially designed for Raspberry Pi.


  •     • Neat and universal

  •     • Easy to assemble

  •     • Solid and stable material

  •     • Compatible with Raspberry PiB+/2.

Technical Details

Dimensions148mm x 150mm x 32mm
WeightG.W 131g    

Part List

Skeleton box for Raspberry Pi1


ECCNNot Available


Questions and Answers

Does anybody know how to assemble Raspberry Pi 3B into this skeleton box? It is declared as compatible with Raspberry PiB+ but pre-drilled mounting holes do not match the holes on Raspberry Pi 3B board.
on Jan 30,2017
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Hi Dear Customer, Sorry, it does not work with Raspberry 3B. thanks.
on Jan 17,2018 16:28 PM
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    Skeleton box for Raspberry Pi

    SKU 110070000
    5 Available
    $9.90/ 1pcs+
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