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Forge your micro automated production

1 extra meter brings you endless possibilities! As Dobot Magician’s official accessory, the sliding rail kit expands its functioning space to a new extend. With interchangeable toolheads and graphical programming environment, you’ll design complicated workflows like a pro. From organizing objects to writing a long letter, this simple accessory will make industry 4.0 approachable like never before.

A whole piece of steel created with high precision CNC milling, and it runs like silk.

A full set of hex screwdriver, simple and safe.

Tank-like crawler design, combining both organizing capability and flexibility.

Technical details

Dimensions 1320mm x120mm x55mm
Weight G.W 4700g
Battery Exclude
Payload 5 kg
Effective Travel Distance 1000 mm
Maximum Speed 150 mm/s
Maximum Acceleration 150 mm/s²
Repeat positioning accuracy 0.01mm
Absolute positioning accuracy 0.25mm

Part List

sliding rail 1
hex screwdriver 4
wire set 1
attachment pack 1
assembly instructions 1


HSCODE 8479899990
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