Smart Wireless Charger Transmitter - 5V&0.6A

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This product is mainly a combination of the M268 and PIC100 two main chip integrated oscillation circuit shaping circuit detection circuit frequency interference suppression circuit. Wireless transmitter tubes and other functions, the input voltage 9-12V, wireless transmission of electrical energy is dedicated chipset, with power, standby current, high efficiency , low temperature, small size and other characteristics, the electromagnetic wave frequency control in 150KHZ below , and medical frequency equivalent to the human body and other electrical appliances without any harm or interfere with , the use of electromagnetic induction principle achieve energy conversion and transmission efficiency up to 80% , is the highest performance wireless power transmission , most secure wireless module , MP268 wireless charging chips are widely used in gaming peripheral products charger (wii controller battery , PS3 controller battery , XBOX360 handle battery , NDSi NDSL battery battery ) , consumer electronics ( electric shavers, electric toothbrushes , LED flashlight , electronic waterproof lights, waterproof mobile phone , electronic candles , magnetic products ) , digital products ( mobile phone charger , iPhone chargers , MP3, MP4, speaker, ) and other applications.


  1. Smart charging detection operator dedicated , fully equipped automatically enter standby mode , more energy secure.
  2. Low standby power consumption, high conversion efficiency when a large current low temperature, can transport up to 500MA over wireless high current charging .
  3. Transmitting and receiving custom designed with magnetic isolation raise efficiency across disk, to enhance the energy conversion efficiency.
  4. 12bits using high-precision AD.
  5. Fully charged battery is high, more than 95%.
  6. A full range of technical support and personalized solutions specifically tailored to increase the intelligent peripheral management functions.
  7. Multi-strand copper induction coil to provide a more secure , stable and efficient wireless power characteristics of low temperature.


  1. In put voltage:DC 10-12 V
  2. standby current:20-40mA
  3. Output voltage:DC 5 V
  4. output current:rated:600MA MAX:1000MA
  5. Power output:rated:3W MAX>5W
  6. Center resonance frequency:125KHz
  7. Transmit-receive distance:2-6mm (best distance 3-4mm)

Technical details

Dimensions 75mm x55mm x29mm
Weight G.W 19g
Battery Exclude


HSCODE 8543909000
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