Solid State TOF LiDAR - CE30-A

Solid State TOF LiDAR single channel LiDAR CE30 Benewake
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Mechanical single channel LiDAR is pretty common in our life, but two problems cannot be neglected, i.e. short life span and high price due to the rotating measurement mode.

Benewake launches CE30, a solid-state LiDAR with large FoV. It could simultaneously output grey and depth information within 132° horizontal FoV and 9° vertical FoV. Meanwhile no mechanical rotating components exist internally, so higher reliability and stability could be ensured.

Based on the optimized obstacle avoidance mode, the region of interest (ROI) can be customized to focus on the obstacle information in the ROI and enable unimpeded driving. It can be applied in the general vehicle field, including Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV, such as intelligent warehouse vehicle), autopilot cars and industrial automation, etc.

Technical details

Dimensions 138mm x138mm x85mm
Weight G.W 219g
Battery Exclude
Detecting Range CE30-A/C 0.1~4m
Pixel Resolution 320*24
Ranging Resolution 1cm
Repeatability ≤3cm
Accuracy ≤5cm
FOV 132° * 9°
Power Consumption ≤4.5W
Supply Voltage 12V
Communication Protocol CAN/TCP
Protection Grade IP65
Operating Temperature 0~50℃
Photobiological Safety Risk group 0 in accordance with EN 62471

Part List

CE30-A 1
Power Cable 1


HSCODE 9031499090
USHSCODE 8471608000
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