Strawbees Crazy Scientist Kit

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Please note: This product contains no electronic part with the straws and straw struts only 


Strawbees intro from Strawbees on Vimeo.

Strawbees is a construction kit based on one simple unit that lets you connect straws to each other. You stick a Strawbee into the ends of a standard quarter inch (6mm) straw to make struts and then connect them with another Strawbee. From building mathematical shapes like the platonic solids to mechanical birds, claws, or even huge animated snakes.With the Strawbees you can always modify things as you go, add straws, cut straws, or add new connections to get a stronger, more flexible or bigger construction.
It's a wonderful system for trial and error construction and allows you to do a lot of things impossible with other systems.
  • The Crazy Scientist kit contains 1034 pieces of connectors in white , 1 random color and 100 sample straws . 
  • With this kit you can build almost anything, from a replica of the golden gate bridge to a mechanical moving transformer.
  • One kit is enough to keep 2-3 classes occupied with cool inventing at the same time. Start creating your own mad scientist lair full of weird and wobbly inventions.
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