TS100 Shock Absorber Tank Chassis with Track and DC Geared Motors Kit

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The TS100 tank chassis is constructed of all-metal aluminum with a variety of holes reserved on the chassis. It is free to be equipped with development boards and sensors and is compatible with Arduino / Seeeduino. The kit is made of aluminum and you can assemble it using matching tools according to the tutorial, which can exercise your hands-on ability and learn how to assemble the tank.

Once assembled, the development board and motor drive module can be used to control motor motion. Of course, you can add sensors and codes to drive automatically. Of course, you also need to have your own battery, we provide a 2x18650 battery box, you can use 18650 battery to power it.

With a TS100 tank chassis, you can DIY a cool off-road vehicle and control it by programming. You can use any DIY, for example, by Arduino to control, use a wireless remote control or mobile phone to control the car, let it become A tank chariot that can be remotely controlled, and so on.

The Motor parameters:

Black:   VM, Power for Motor

Red:     GM, GND for Motor

White:  V, Power for Hall Sensor

Yellow:  G, GND for Hall Sensor

Orange: S1, Signal from the 1st Hall Sensor

Green:  S2, Signal from the 2nd Hall Sensor

Part List

Chassis:1 set

Driving wheels: 2 pcs

Bearing wheels: 10pcs

Track: 2pcs (can be changed the length)

DC motor: 2 pcs

Screws: several

Screw tools: 3 pcs   


HSCODE 9023009000
USHSCODE 90230000





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