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Note: The GrovePi+(for intel&UP board kit) in this kit is specially designed for Intel platform, which means the standard GrovePi+ could not be used on the UP² (Squared). he Grovepi+ (for Intel UP Grove kit) is coming soon and then can be purchased separately.

UP² (Squared) is currently the world’s fastest x86 maker board based on Intel Apollo Lake platform and the successor of 2015 Kickstarter supported UP board. It is one of the best maker board, perfect for rapid prototyping.

The UP² Grove IoT Development Kit enriches the power of UP². If UP² builds a bridge between your hobby and your future career, then Grove can be the best accessories and tools to make the bridge building even faster. Grove is a modular and ready-to-use tool set optimized for simplicity and rapid prototyping too. With Grove, there is no need for soldering or jumper wires. In this kit, there are six different kind of Grove modules including button, LED, light sensor, temperature sensor, rotary angle sensor, and LCD screen. By combain all the good features of UP² and Grove, this kit provides the best solution for projects in IOT, Gaming & entertainment, Industrial Automation, Digital Signage, Home automation and more.


UP² (Squared)

  • X86 Apollo lake platform

  • Wide-range I/O for sensors

  • Connectivity: wifi, 3G, LoRA, etc.

  • Online Community for Q&A

  • Comprehensive tutorial & documentation

  • Complete eco-system at your disposal

  • Longevity 5-7 years

  • Industrial standard & certification

  • System level integration

  • Vertical market certification, if needed.

  • Fully-customized solution


  • Variety of sensors for prototyping needs

  • Upgrade to industrial-grade sensors supports

  • Basic LEDs, buttons, and switches are supported for commercial IoT applications

Technical details

Dimensions 296mm x180mm x75mm
Weight G.W 1800g
Battery Exclude

Part List

UP Squared board (Celeron N3350, 2GB RAM / 32GB eMMC) 1
Power Supply 5V@6A 1
US Power cord 1
16GB USB memory stick 1
Micro USB 3.0 Serial Cable 1
Grove interface board 1
Grove - LCD RGB Backlight 1
Grove - Rotary Angle Sensor 1
Grove - Light Sensor v1.2 1
Grove – Button 1
Grove – Temperature/humidity sensor 1
Grove – Green LED 1


ECCN 5A002.a.1
HSCODE 9023009000
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