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      USB Infrared Camera
      • USB Infrared Camera
      • USB Infrared Camera
      • USB Infrared Camera
      • USB Infrared Camera
      • USB Infrared Camera

      USB Infrared Camera

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      • Introduction:
      • There is almost no complex setup
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        There is almost no complex setup. It is so easy that everyone can use it. No wiring, no install,plug and play. 

        As the light gets low, night vision automatically turns on. When the light returns, night vision automatically turns off. 


        Compatible with Raspberry Pi A+,B,B+/2.

        No software needed.

        True color, HD, no deformation;

        Mixer high-definition digital camera lens,

        High-speed USB2.0 interface, strong compatibility;

        Chip solutions: a new generation of master control chip, no flooding plug and play

        CMOS image sensor: using the latest high quality sensor

        The output format: RGB24 (24 true color)

        The minimum sensitivity: 2.0 V/Lux. Sec

        Focusing range: 20 mm to So far

        Angle of view: 50 mm to infinity

        Scintillation control: automatic identification of 50 hz or 60 hz

        Software compatibility: WinXP SP2 / Vista operating system drive

        Single frame capture storage formats: BMP/JPG

        Dynamic capture storage format: AVI

        Working temperature: 0 to 40 degrees

        Power:< 0.5 W

        Support usb transmission interface: Perfect support 2.0 and comprehensive support USB1.1

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