Wio Core

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  • ESP8266 embedded (FCC, CE, KCC, TELEC, LCIE and IC certified) Wio Link and Wio Node compatible
  • Ebedded with TCP/IP network stacks, 10-bit ADC, and HSPI/UART/PWM/I2C/I2S interfaces
  • Ultra-compact size for space-sensitive situations
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What is the most important thing on a board? I bet the answer must be the MCU module. MCU is like the brain of a board, without which the board is useless.

At the beginning of 2016, in order to simplify the process of IoT project, we launched Wio Link on Kickstarter and it turned out a big success, right after that, we released a mini version of Wio Link --- Wio Node. Since then more and more makers are interested in its MCU module---ESP8266, which is one the most famous SoC in Seeed now.

Wait! Are we talking about Wio Core? Of course we are. ESP8266 is just a chip, and a chip without auxiliary circuitry is a body without bones and skin, that is why Wio core comes to this world. Wio core is a WiFi module with ESP8266 embedded. Basically, Wio  Core can be considered equivalent to ESP-WROOM-02 except that the original firmware is replaced with firmware of Wio platform. That means hardware developed from Wio Core will be totally compatible with Wio Link and Wio Node, even software of Wio platform is available for Wio core.

As just mentioned Wio Core is developed from ESP-WROOM-02, it is also FCC, CE, KCC, TELEC, LCIE and IC certified with the best FCC results for IoT modules. Considering the size is only 18mm x 20mm, it can be easily integrated into space-limited device. With a sophisticated power management system, Wio Core can operate in sleep mode, the result is extremely low power consumption. All these good features make Wio Core one of the best solutions for mobile device, wearable device and IoT application.


  • • ŸESP8266 embedded (FCC, CE, KCC, TELEC, LCIE and IC certified)

  • • ŸWio Link and Wio Node compatible.

  • • ŸEbedded with TCP/IP network stacks, 10-bit ADC, and HSPI/UART/PWM/I2C/I2S interfaces.

  • • ŸUltra-compact size for space-sensitive situations.


  • • ŸCertificates: FCC/CE/TELEC/RoHS

  • • ŸWi-Fi protocols: 802.11 b/g/n

  • • ŸFrequency range: 2.4 GHz–2.5 GHz (2400M–2483.5M)

  • • ŸOperating voltage: 3.0–3.6V

  • • ŸOperating current Average: 80 mA

  • • ŸOperating temperature range: -40°C–125°C

  • • ŸPackage size: 18mm(length) × 20mm(width) × 3mm(depth) (for normal silk-reading orientation)

  • • ŸFlash memory size: 4Mbyte

  • • ŸFirmware: Wio Firmware with OTA capability

  • • ŸUser interface: Cloud Server, Android/iOS App


  • • ŸFor libraries and documents, please visit our Wiki page.

  • • ŸFor technical discussion, please come to our Forum.

  • • ŸFor projects that you would like to share with the community, please visit Recipe.


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