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      Xadow - Gesture v1.0
      • Xadow - Gesture v1.0
      • Xadow - Gesture v1.0
      • Xadow - Gesture v1.0

      Xadow - Gesture v1.0

      SKU 101040005
      The sensor on Xadow - Gesture v1
      This item is no longer available.

      The sensor on Xadow - Gesture v1.0 is PAJ7620U2 that integrates gesture recognition function with general I2C interface into a single chip. It can recognize 13 gestures including move up, move down, move left, move right, move forward, move backward,circle-clockwise, circle-counter clockwise, up to down ,down to up,left to right ,right to left and wave. These gestures information can be simply accessed via the I2C bus.

      Notice: This module is not compatible with any other Xadow version 2 or RePhone modules.


      •  - 13 gesture recognition
      •  - Gesture speed is 60°/s to 600°/s in Normal Mode and 60°/s to 1200°/s in     Gaming Mode
      •  - Ambient light immunity: < 100k Lux
      •  - Built-in proximity detection
      •  - I2C interface up to 400 kbit/s
      •  - Compatible with the Grove interface

      • PART LIST

      • 1x PCBA - Xadow - Gesture
      • 1x FPC Cable;12P-0.5-30mm
      • 1x FPC Cable;12P-0.5-50mm


      • Sensor :PAJ7620U2
      • Power supply:2.8V to 3.3V and I/O voltage is 1.8V~3.3V 
      • Compatible:Xadow interface
      • interface:IIC
      • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
      • Dimensions: 25 * 20mm


      Please visit our wikipage for more info about this product. It will be appreciated if you can help us improve the documents, add more demo code or tutorials. For technical support, please post your questions to our forum.
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