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ZKETECH EBD-USB Voltage and Current Monitor support QC2.0/3.0/MTK-PE

ZKETECH EBD-USB Voltage and Current Monitor is a DC electronic load with USB which is used for testing mobile power and charger.  

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  • Performs capacity test, current test, voltage, and current measurements
  • Supports up to 21V/4A/35W
  • Supports charging voltage trigger detection
  • Supports QC2.0/3.0/MTK-PE protocols
  • Serial Connectivity over USB
  • Built-in Fan for better heat dissipation
  • Measurement representation through PC software


ZKETCHE EBD-USB Voltage and Current Monitor is a DC electronic load with USB which is used for testing mobile power and charge. It supports charging voltage trigger detection and USB charging voltage current detection that complies with QC and MTK agreements. A special software called “EB software” is used along with this device in order to precisely display the relevant test information. The software supports features such as curve drawing and device firmware upgrades that can be done through the software. 

There are two modes in the software 

  • Constant Current Mode 
  • Ammeter Mode

Constant Current Mode - Connect male USB to Charger/mobile power bank and start "Constant current" mode. This can do constant current discharging test capacity or current output performance.

Ammeter Mode - Connect male USB to Charger/mobile power bank and female port to Charger/mobile power bank through a charging cable. Then start "Ammeter" mode. This can record charging curves from male to female port. 

Also, "Ammeter" mode is used to test the D + D- voltage and MFI current.

Directions of Use

1. Download EB V1.8 Build 1018 software and PL 2303 driver and install respectively.
2. Connect EBD-USB to a computer through MicroUSB
3. Find the relevant port of the connected device in the device manager of the computer
4. Open EB software, choose the relevant port and connect the device to implement the test


  • Voltage range: 0-21V
  • Voltage accuracy: 0.1%+1mV
  • Current range: 0-4A
  • Current accuracy: 0.2%+0.2mA
  • Resolution: 0.1mA
  • D+D- measure: Yes, support
  • Constant current discharging: 0.01-4A
  • Maximum power: 35W
  • Fast Trigger: QC2.0/3.0/MTK-PE trigger
  • Suitable for: Mobile power/charger/Other USB equipment
  • Supply power: USB power supply (5V MicroUSB)


Always use the tester within the allowed range

Hardware Overview

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Parts List

1 X ZKETECH EBD-USB Voltage and Current Monitor with QC2.0/3.0/MTK-PE


HSCODE 9030390000
USHSCODE 9030390100
EUHSCODE 9405413910
RoHS 1




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