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Artificial Intelligence Hardware-AIOT-Seeed Studio Artificial intelligence (AI) is a computer system or other machine able to perform tasks that ordinarily require human intelligence...  like planning, learning, reasoning, problem solving, knowledge representation, perception, motion, manipulation and even social intelligence and creativity.  AI is incorporated into a variety of different types of technology. Here we mainly foucus on the types that more closely related to hardwares.NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™ Developer KitSipeed MAIX Binocular Camera for Dock/Go/BitSipeed MAix Go Suit for RISC-V AI+IoTSipeed MAIX-I module w/o WiFi ( 1st RISC-V 64 AI Module, K210 inside )Sipeed M1w dock suit ( M1w dock + 2.4 inch LCD + OV2640 ) K210 Dev. Board 1st RV64 AI board for Edge ComputingNeural Networks Acceleration is widely used and designed for many AI applications including machine vision,  machine learning, speech recognition, algorithms for robotics, and AIOT Based on the AI-specific APiM framework, a modular deep neural network learning accelerator without any external caching can be used for high-performance edge computing, as a vision-based deep learning computing and AI algorithm acceleration. Edge Computing is for ·Processing and analyzing data at the edge of the network. ·More secure, real-time data analysis and intelligent processing ·Reduce energy consumption of entire system ·Reduce the time of integrating and migrating of data.As world’s first dedicated NPU AI platform, Hikey970 integrates Huawei HiAI computing architecture and popular neural network frameworks which supports CPU, GPU AI and Neural.The Horned Sungem Intel Movidius Kit Embedded AI Vision Suite will give more people who want to join the AI vision industry. Whether you are a developer, a maker, a student or a fan, you can easily DIY your own AI application.Computer vision is one of the most remarkable things to come out of the artificial intelligence world. Computers were enable to interpret and understand the visual world through acquiring, processing and understanding images with deep learning models.  With hardware designed for computer vision and analysis is more widely available, new algorithms like convolutional neural networks are also able to take advantage of that, computer vision is increasingly used across industries to enhance the consumer experience, improve productivity and increase security.Speech Recognition & NLP ReSpeaker Core v2.0ReSpeaker Mic Array v2.0ReSpeaker 4-Mic Array for Raspberry PiReSpeaker 4-Mic Linear Array Kit for Raspberry Piraspberry piseeedDevelopment boardSmart-IndustrySmart-HealthcareDevelopment-PlatformsDevelopment-PlatformsArtificial-Intelligence