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Beaglebones are relatively a late comer in the microcontroller world, but the high performance and lower power consumption make it become one of the three popular platforms in the open-hardware world. Beagles mean big functionality in small packages because these little PCs can be used for all kinds of applications you've been tinkering with... and can handle many of the same tasks as your desktop PC. Similar to Arduino and Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone boards are used by artists, designers and hobbyists to realize their projects.

Beaglebone Black is like the star board in the beagleboard family, it inherits the tiny size of Beaglebone and adds many good features while the price is much lower. Apart from Beaglebone Black, we also recommend you to try Seeeduino Beaglebone Green and Seeeduino Beaglebone Green wireless. They are joint efforts by Seeed and and have more functions while the price is even lower.

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