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Pocket-size Gamma Ray Spectrometry, Scintillation Geiger Counter, Radiation Detector System for iPad: iMetry, in the palm of your hand
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Pocket-size Gamma Ray Spectrometry, Scintillation Geiger Counter, Radiation Detector System for iPad: iMetry, in the palm of your hand.

iMetry system is low cost but extreme sensitive pocketsize moblie gamma ray spectrometry, scintillation geiger counter, radiation detector system specialized for I131/Cs134/137 survey, using iPad. Its extra ordinal sensitivity, ease of use, will fully satisfy all needs of instant radiation measurement, and is must have item to survive this age. The most important thing is, iMetry is affordable and portable and ease of use. You can have in your bag, or you can have your own in your bookshelf, and you can prepare. At the the moment needed, you can check spectrum instantly by your self, to decide yourself whether if you need action or not. So, at the moment, the only item that you can rely on would be iMetry. More important thing is, iMetry will also helps you to decide when you can be back. Let's prepare for the future now. To make it work together, iMetry system requires iMetry: the detector module, iPad, its special dedicated application: iMetry, and external mini USB power supply.

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Accessories USB cable(microB to A), audio cable (mini-jack 2 contacts to 4 contacts, instant calibration sheet)
Power supply
Operating voltage
USB power supply(DC 3.3-5V)
Current consumption 26.5mA
Sensor unit Semiconductor and Scintillator
Detectable radioactive ray type Gamma ray
Gamma dose range 0.001μSv/h - 10μSv/h *1
Sensitivity 6000 cpm/(μSv/h) *2
Energy range <200 keV ~ 2000< keV *2
Operating temperature Room temperature (no condensation), recommended operating temperature is 77&deg;F.
Size W25.0mm &times; H25.1mm &times; D53.3mm(Without projection)
Weight 42.8g
Closure material Aluminum engraved
  1. This gamma dose range does not mean equipment limitation. And lower limit does not mean MDA. This highest dose range is due to calibration error of provided instant calibration.

  2. These performance parameters are vulnerable to individual difference and individual calibration condition of sensor modules.


Package list

  • iMetry main unit x 1

  • 0.3M audio cable for iPad connection x 1

  • 1.5M audio cable for iPad connection x 1

  • 0.3M USB(microB to A) power cable x 1

  • Calibration sheet x 1


Technical details

Dimensions 0mm x0mm x0mm
Weight G.W 190g
Battery Exclude








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