2.4GHz Micropower ZigBee Wireless module

2.4GHz Micropower ZigBee Wireless module

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This product is a based on NXP's latest high-performance radio frequency chip design from the zigbee module with high stability, low power consumption, high cost-effective, rich internal resources, 32bit processor with high-performance embedded chip and large-capacity flash, powerful function, user-friendly for customers to do secondary development. It supports multiple network protocols, wide range of usage, develop flexibly, scalably. The module has a small size, simple structure, easy to embed the customer's product 


Product feature 

  • Micro-power transmission, standard 20dB, divides into 3 floors, can control the transmission power by setting software. 

  • Working band: 2.4G-2.485GHZ, global free applications operating band. 

  • High noise immunity and low error rate, high-efficiency circulation interleaving error correction coding techniques and frequency hopping mechanism to improve the data burst of anti-interference and noise immunity. 

  • Supports multiple protocols, 2.4G IEEE802.15.4, JENNet-IP, ZigBee light link, ZigBee Smart Energy and RF4CE protocol. 

  • Receive sensitivity up to -104dBm, transmission distance far away. 

  • Module reserve enough I / O digital interfaces and analog to digital conversion interface, enabling customers to secondary development and extensions. 

  • Free debugging produce, wide operating voltage range: 3.3V-6V, you can customize 2.0V-3.6V. 

  • Module of low power consumption, the dormancy current is 0.8Ua. 

  • Small size, light weight, easy for clients to embed devices. 

  • Reserved multiple antenna interfaces, including sucker antenna, glue stick antenna, antenna and IPX ceramic antenna connector. 

  • Automatic network, automatically find the router, automatically form a robust mesh network topology. 

Application Area

  • Robust and secure low power wireless applications 

  • RF4CE remote control 

  • JenNet-IP net work 

  • ZigBee SE net work 

  • ZigBee optical link network 

  • Lighting and home automation 

  • Toys and games peripherals 

  • Smart energy 

  • The energy collection, such as power of light switch 



Electrical Parameters: 

Supply Voltage:2.0V-3.6V 

Emission Current:130mA @20dBM 

Receive Current:27mA

Dormancy Current:0.8uA 


RF Technology Parameters: 

Working Frequency:2.405GHZ-2.48GHZ 

Transmitted Power:20dBm 

Receive Sensitivity:-104dBm 

Wireless Transmission Rate:250kbps 


Other Technical Parameters 

Sense Rate:4800bps~115200bps(can be set) 

The interface data format:8E1/8O1/8N 1( choosable) 

Working Temperature:-40℃ ~ +80℃ (industrial level) 

Working Humidity:10%~90% relative humidity, without condensation 



ZigBee module WT-5168CK-PA-specification

Technical Details

Dimensions0mm x 0mm x 0mm
WeightG.W 5g    


ECCNNot Available




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    2.4GHz Micropower ZigBee Wireless module

    SKU 317990015
    This item is no longer available.
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