3.6V Micro hydro generator
  • 3.6V Micro hydro generator

3.6V Micro hydro generator

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This G1/2 micro hydro generator provides you clean and renewable electricity
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This G1/2 micro hydro generator provides you clean and renewable electricity. With the help of the regulator circuit inside, the output of this generator is stable at 3.6V. And the capacity of battery is improved from 300mAh to 700mAh compared to the old version.

Time to replace the Li-po batteries in your waterside projects with the green and more accessible hydro power.


  • Ÿ• ŸBuilt-in Lithium Battery
  • Ÿ• ŸBuilt-in Lipo Charging Circuit
  • Ÿ• ŸStabilized Voltage Ouput
  • Ÿ• ŸHigh Battery Capacity


  • Ÿ• ŸWorking Pressure: < 2KGF
  • Ÿ• ŸPressure Drop: 0.4 Bar (3.0 L / Min )
  • Ÿ• ŸPeak Current: 1.4 A
  • Ÿ• ŸStand-by Current: Max. 1.4A
  • Ÿ• ŸVoltage Output: 3.6VDC --- 700mAh
  • Ÿ• ŸPower Output: 125mW (4LPM)
  • Ÿ• ŸBattery Capacity: 300mAh
  • Ÿ• ŸMax. Flow: 20 L / Min ( 2KGF)
  • Ÿ• ŸWater-resistance: IP4
  • Ÿ• ŸHigh limited voltage: 4.3VDC
  • Ÿ• ŸDimensions: L 84.5 mm - W 64.5 mm - H 81 mm
  • Ÿ• ŸWire Length: 84 mm
  • Ÿ• ŸJack Type: JWT C2521 Terminal Plug
  • Ÿ• ŸConnect Thread Gauge: G 1/2"
  • Ÿ• ŸWeight: 165 ± 5g
  • Ÿ• ŸBurst Pressure: 20KGF
  • Ÿ• ŸNormal Operation Temp. 4 °C~80 °C
  • Ÿ• ŸMax. Intermittent Operating Temp. 110 °C max. 30 min
  • Ÿ• ŸGenerating Model: NACuM Core (PAT NO.DE202006004800)
  • Ÿ• ŸBattery Type: Li-polymer Battery with PCM


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