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Arduino Smart Home Control Kit

This Arduino Smart Home Control Kit will enable you to develop a smart home control centre. It uses a suite of sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, pressure, and light levels in your home, and also comes with an IR receiver and emitter to achieve autonomous remote control of air conditioning, curtains, lights, and more!





    • Build an integrated and autonomous smart home control center that controls various parts of your home
    • Complete environmental Grove sensing suite - Measure temperature, humidity, sound, light, and much more
    • Achieve autonomous remote control through the included infrared emitter and receiver Grove modules
    • Powered by the capable and modular ATmega320p based Seeeduino Lotus, with 9 on-board Grove ports
    • Improve the quality of living in your home while exploring the world of electronics and programming through Arduino!
    • Reference and learn from community projects to build your very own, unique home solution!


    A smart home improves our quality of living by adjusting the living environment appropriately. For example, we may want our curtains to be drawn open automatically in the mornings in order to help us wake up better. Or, we may wish for the lights in our house to turn on automatically as the sunsets. The Arduino Smart Home Control Kit allows you to do exactly this - through automatic control of various systems in your house, such as curtains, air conditioning, light switches and so much more!

    The Arduino Smart Home Control Kit builds off the basic suite of sensors from the Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino with two additional infrared emitter and receiver modules. The kit, which is powered by the ATmega320p Seeeduino Lotus, receives environmental data and uses infrared transmission to communicate autonomously with various parts of your home!

    Naturally, you can program the Seeeduino Lotus to execute controls exactly to your liking, making this not only an extremely affordable way to upgrade your home but also a great learning experience in the world of electronics and programming! You can also refer to many smart home projects from the community to develop a solution unique to both yourself and your home!


    • Integrated Home Control
    • Automatic Lighting
    • Autonomous Temperature Control
    • Smart Curtains

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