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      Danger Shield Complete kits

      Danger Shield Complete kits

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      The Danger Shield is an add-on for the [Arduino] micro controller board. It contains a variety of fun and useful electronic circuits that you can use to do fun and useful things. It is a fully self-contained shield. You plug it into your Arduino, and you can immediately start using it. No extra things to hook up, no external components. Just a really rad board ready to rock. 

      Some of the features of the board are:

      • 3 x linear sliders w/ integrated LEDs (each independently hooked up to PWM)

      • 03 x pushbuttons

      • 2 x indicator LEDs (each with a PWM)

      • 1 x piezo buzzer (for making noise!)

      • 1 x temperature sensor

      • 1 x light sensor

      • 1 x knock sensor

      • 1 x 7 segment LED (with shift register)

      • power LED and reset button

      Technical Details

      Dimensions125mm x 85mm x 16mm
      WeightG.W 59g    

      Part List

      Danger Shield Complete kits3
      indicator LED2
      piezo buzzer1
      temperature sensor1
      light sensor1
      knock sensor1
      7 segment LED1


      Questions and Answers


      Great kit. I'd give it 4.5 stars if I could.

      Only 1 issue, with the temperature sensor- if you look at the nycresistor site ( it tel

      on Oct 19,2016
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      <p>Here is my TempF(Rthermister) curve fit for the SEN118A2B connected as a pull down in a resistor divider with a 10000 ohm fixed resistor pull up. This fit is significantly better at 0C and is still as good at 20C. The error at 0C is now less than .5C
      on Oct 20,2016 10:49 AM
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      <p>I did a little more characterization of 5 of these sensors and found that their resistance at a given temp varies by 7.4% from thermistor to thermistor. At 70F this corresponds to a Temperature variance of 1.8C, on the order of what I was correcting f
      on Oct 20,2016 10:49 AM
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        Danger Shield Complete kits

        SKU 103990021
        5 Available
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