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EX1-Dual ethernet ports Carrier Board for Jetson Nano/Xavier NX/TX2 NX with dual ethernet ports, SIM card slot, and Rich Pins (I2C, UART, GPIO, etc.)

The EX1-Dual ethernet ports carrier board has nearly the same size as the carrier board in NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX developer kit, could work well with Jetson Nano/ Xavier NX/ TX2 NX modules. It provides several connectors with industry-standard pinouts to support additional functionality beyond what is integrated on the main platform board. It's lightweight and cost-effective but still has powerful characteristics that make it suitable for the good start and quick evaluation of a new project.

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  • 10+: $129.00



  • The carrier board is specially designed for working with Jetson NanoXavier NX / TX2 NX modules and we will not include them inside.

  • We will not include the RTC 3V battery (CR12220).

  • We will not include a power cord.


  • Basic peripherals are provided but enough for project starters and new learners.

  • Quickly realize efficient and high-performance video analysis applications 

  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet Ports: RJ45 Connector

  • Power light Indicator for starters better monitoring machines' working station 


EX1-Dual ethernet ports is a high-performance, interface rich NVIDIA Jetson Nano / Xavier NX/ TX2 NX compatible carrier board, providing Micro SD card slot, Micro HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, USB3.0, USB2.0,  GPIOs, I2C and PWM Fan. Buttons and Light indicators onboard help developers quickly start their projects.

Basically, it works with an NVIDIA Jetson Nano /NVIDIA Xavier NX / NVIDIA Jetson TX2 NX module to achieve graphic AI applications. To be more specific, with the NVIDIA module assembled, it could support NVIDIA JetPack, which includes a board support package (BSP), Linux OS, NVIDIA CUDA®, cuDNN, and TensorRT™ software libraries for deep learning, computer vision, GPU computing, multimedia processing, and much more. It is suitable for intelligent edge devices such as urban smart parking lot management, robots, drones, smart cameras, and portable medical equipment. Also, it is good for portrait tracking and suspicious object detection in special fields. After learning and training, it can be deployed to image terminal guidance, underwater facility inspection and rescue, etc. With the NVIDIA module and functional extension carrier board, people can quickly build efficient and high-performance video analysis applications and realize the rapid development and deployment of high-performance video recognition.


  • Quick start

  • Project evaluation

  • Computer vision education

  • Light projects for small robotic project 


EX1-Dual ethernet ports Connector Summary: 




1* HDMI Connector

USB 3.0 Type A

1*USB 3.0 Type-A Connector


1*RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet Connector (10/100/1000)

FAN Connector

1*Picoblade Header

Multifunctional port

16 PIN

NVIDIA Jetson Nano/NX/TX2 NX connector

1* SODIMM connector, 260-pin

USB 2.0 

1*USB 2.0 connector

USB Micro Type B

1*USB Micro B, RA Female

5V Power Jack



  • If you want to enter recovery mode, follow the below instruction:
  1. Connect the module to the board and the power on,
  2. Press and hold the’REC/RST’ button for 5-10s and release,
  3. Connect to the host machine via Micro USB on carrier board.

Comparison among EX series carrier board

Feature EX1 carrier board EX2-TX2 carrier board  EX1-Dual ethernet ports carrier board
Module Compatibility  NVIDIA® Jetson™ Nano/NX/TX2 NX  NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX series  NVIDIA® Jetson™ Nano/NX/TX2 NX
So-DIMM 260 Pin 400 Pin 260 Pin
PCB Size / Overall Size 100mm*80mm 86mm*60mm 119mm*80mm
Display   1* Micro HDMI 1* Micro HDMI 1*HDMI
CSI Camera 1*CSI / /
Ethernet 1x Gigabit Ethernet 
1x Gigabit Ethernet 
2x Gigabit Ethernet 
USB 4* USB 3.0 Type A 
(Integrated USB 2.0);
2* USB 3.0 Type A
(Integrated USB 2.0);
1* USB 3.0 Type A 
(Integrated USB 2.0);
1* USB 2.0 
(4 Pin connector)
1* USB 2.0
1* USB Micro B 1* USB Micro B 1* USB Micro B
M.2 Key M 1*M.2 Key M / /
M.2 Key E / / /
mPCL 1* mPCIe 1* mPCIe /
TF_Card / 1* TF_Card 1* TF_Card
SIM 1* Sim card slot 1* Sim card slot /
USB WIFI Mode 1*USB 2.0 Wifi (Pre-installed ) / /
FAN 1* FAN(5V PWM) 1* FAN(5V PWM) 1* FAN(5V PWM)
CAN 1* CAN 2* CAN /
Multifunctional port 1* 24-Pin 1* 26-Pin 1* 16-Pin
Other multifunctional port 10 Pin (I2C, I2S, GPIOs) 422(UART 5 Pin) /
RTC / / Battery not included
Supercapacitor 1* Supercapacitor 1* Supercapacitor /
Power  DC 12V/5V DC 12V DC 5V
Other Power 1* 4 Pin POE 1* 2 Pin SATA 5V Power /
Operating Temperature -40° to +85° -45° to +85° -45° to +85°

Hardware Overview

Part List

1 x EX1-Dual ethernet ports Carrier Board

1 x 5V Power adapter (cord not included)


HSCODE 8471504090
USHSCODE 8543708800
EUHSCODE 8471707000
RoHS 1




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