Grove Base Hat for Raspberry Pi

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Grove Base Hat for Raspberry Pi

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This product is fully compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 (1GB, 2GB,4GB) and hopes you enjoy hacking with Pi 4 and all of other Pi 4 accessories.

Today, the grove series of sensors, actuators, and displays have grown into a large family. More and more grove modules will join the whole Grove ecosystem in the future. We see the Grove helps hundreds of thousands of makers, engineers, teachers, students and even artists to learn, to make, to create...We always feel it is our responsibility to make the Grove module compatible with more platforms. Now we bring you the Grove Base Hat for Raspberry Pi and Grove Base Hat for Raspberry Pi Zero, in another word, we bring the Raspberry Pi the whole Grove System.

The Grove Base Hat for Raspberry Pi provide Digital/Analog/I2C/PWM/UART port to meet all your needs. With the help of the build-in MCU, a 12-bit  8 channel ADC is also available for Raspberry Pi.

Currently, more than 60 groves have supported the Grove Base Hat for Raspberry Pi . In addition, we will continue to add new compatible modules to the compatible list, the more you use, the more grove will be added.

Compared with Grove Pi+, the Grove Base Hat for Raspberry Pi does not use the ATMEGA chip for data conversion, so it runs faster. We provide the Raspberry Pi driver for Grove Base Hat for Raspberry Pi. What's more, Grove Base Hat for Raspberry Pi is much more cost-effective. In other words, we lowered the threshold for using the grove series on the Raspberry Pi. We hope you like it, enjoy :D


  This hat do not contain a Raspberry Pi, the second picture is just a connection diagram. If you need one, you can click Raspberry Pi.


  • Support Raspberry pi 2/ 3B/3B+/4/Zero

  • build-in MCU STM32

  • 12-bit ADC

  • Multi-type Grove port

  • Compatible : Raspberry Pi 4

Pin Out

Technical details

Dimensions 55mm x65mm x20mm
Weight G.W 24.5g
Battery Exclude
Operating Voltage 3.3V

Part List

Grove Base Hat for Raspberry Pi 1


HSCODE 8543909000
USHSCODE 8473305100
CE 1



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  1. Rating
    good only missing two plastic spacers
    Its good easy....

    Only to improve this product: than its 5 star ;)

    If seeed can add 2 plastic spacers to prevent pcb from hitting the HDMI of PI


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