Grove - VOC and eCO2 Gas Sensor (SGP30)


Grove - VOC and eCO2 Gas Sensor,SGP30,air quality,volatile organic compounds,co2 equivalent

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The Grove-VOC and eCO2 Gas Sensor-SGP30 is an air quality detection sensor. This grove module is based on SGP30, we provide TVOC(Total Volatile Organic Compounds) and CO2eq output for this module.

The SGP30 is a digital multi-pixel gas sensor designed for easy integration into air purifier, demand-controlled ventilation, and IoT applications. Sensirion’s CMOSens®technology offers a complete sensor system on a single chip featuring a digital I2C interface, a temperature controlled micro hotplate, and two preprocessed indoor air quality signals. As the first metal-oxide gas sensor featuring multiple sensing elements on one chip, the SGP30 provides more detailed information about the air quality.

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We've released the Seeed Gas Sensor Selection Guide, it will help you choose the gas sensor that best suits your needs.

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We've Released the Grove Selection Guide and hope to help you find the Grove suit you best. 


  • Multi-pixel gas sensor for indoor air quality applications

  • Outstanding long-term stability

  • I2C interface with TVOC and CO2eq output signals

  • Low power consumption

  • Chip module tape and reel packaged, reflow solderable

Technical details

Dimensions 0mm x0mm x0mm
Weight G.W 9g
Battery Exclude
Working Voltage 3.3V/5V
Output range TVOC-0 ppb to 60000ppb / CO₂eq - 400 ppm to 60000 ppm
Sampling rate 1HZ
IIC address 0X58

Part List

Grove - VOC and eCO2 Gas Sensor (SGP30) 1
Grove cable 1


HSCODE 9027900000
USHSCODE 90230000
UPC 841454120834

Grove-VOC and eCO2 Gas Sensor(SGP30)

This is the wiki of the Grove-VOC and eCO2 Gas Sensor(SGP30).

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