Lipo Rider v1.3

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Power module with Lipo battery charge management Standard USB output interface No programming
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Lipo Rider is a power module with Lipo battery charge management and boost circuit designed for MCU projects with standard USB output interface. It is extremely affordable and easy to use. No programming is required. Plug it in and it works. The internal charger IC handles all the power flow between the various components.


  • Jst 2.0 connector

  • Stable 5V USB power supply regardless of source

  • Charge/Recharge algorithms built into chip

  • Charge Lithium Polymer Battery through solar power or USB

  • Stable supply voltage through either lithium battery or USB

  • 2 x USB ports let you program your kit while charging your Lithium battery

  • LED indications for battery full or charging states

  • Simple design means extremely affordable

  • Scalable to multiple lithium batteries and large/multiple solar panels through simple end-user modifications


  • Small Footprint – Dimensions = L42 × W34 × D6.8

  • 900mA maximum charging current for Lithium battery

  • 600mA maximum supply current from Lithium battery

  • Power diodes to prevent back feed from USB device into Lipo battery

Technical details

Dimensions 130mm x90mm x8.7mm
Weight G.W 10g
Battery Exclude

Part List

Lipo Rider V1.3 1


HSCODE 8517709000
USHSCODE 8517700000
UPC 841454106296

Lipo Rider v1.3

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