MAKER LINE - Simplifying Line Sensor (PIC16F1827)


Maker Line - Simplifying Line Sensor is a infrared Robotic sensor  for Robotic car to track traveling line.

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Do you want to build up a robot car? If the answer is yes, then you are supposed to get a view of this product-Simplifying Line Sensor. This sensor can test the robot car whose moving track is following the planned path.


This line sensor is assembled the PIC16F1827 chip, which has a CPU speed of 8 MIPS that means fast performance. This chip also can afford the communication peripherals, cause it support some basic interface such as UART, SPI, I2C. 


The sensor has 5 infrared detectors in the front to measure the distance between the line and the sensor. 5 detectors are able to emit 5 digital signals corresponding to 5 digital pins. Except for the digital value, you can still get the analog signal from the analog pin. With the help of digital and analog signal, you may get a higher precision result for your project. 


  • Operating Voltage: DC 3.3V and 5V compatible (With reverse polarity protection).

  • Recommended Line Width: 13mm to 30mm.

  • Selectable line color (light or dark).

  • Sensing Distance (Height): 4mm to 40mm (Vcc = 5V, Black line on white surface).

  • Sensor Refresh Rate: 200Hz

  • Easy calibration process.

  • Dual Output Types: 5 x digital outputs represent each IR sensor state, 1 x analog output represents line position.

  • Support wide range of controllers such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.





HSCODE 9031900090
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