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OPNCAM8508C/297-1MA Dolphin 297-1MA MIPI Interface 3D ToF Camera

OPNCAM8508C Dolphin 297-1MA  is a 3D ToF camera which has high integration, high precision, and low power consumption. This consists of a ToF image sensor, VCSEL driver and a ToF ISP.

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  • High Integration and high precision for advanced applications
  • Low Power Consumption for longer use
  • Easy Visualization via the cross-platform compatible depth display software
  • Contains powerful SDK, APIs and example codes for convenient deployment


OPNCAM8508C Dolphin 297-1MA is a 3D ToF camera which has high integration, high precision, and low power consumption. This consists of a ToF image sensor, VCSEL driver and a ToF ISP.

OPNCAM8508C uses MIPI as the communication interface with a PC or application processor and is ideal for 3D depth sensing applications.

This 3D ToF Camera comes with a powerful SDK and contains APIs, and example codes to conveniently get started. With the provided depth display tool software, "OPN ToF Viewer", which is a cross-platform compatible software package, you can easily visualize 3D depth sensor data. 

What is a ToF Camera?

A ToF camera also known as a Time of Flight Camera, is a depth sensor which functions by sending a pulse of infra-red light into the chosen scene to measure the distance to every pixel within the range. Then the time duration it takes the IR light to be reflected back to the camera is recorded. After that, the distance can be calculated using simple mathematics, with the speed of light taken into consideration. ToF allows 3D depth information to be extracted from a scene in real-time using embedded processors.

The system diagram of OPNCAM8508C Dolphin 297-1MA looks like below.


If you want to learn more about ToF Sensors, please visit our blog What is a Time of Flight Sensor and How does a ToF Sensor work? and explore the world of ToF!

3D ToF Cameras Based on the OPN8008D Sensor

We also offer a variety of 3D ToF camera options based on the OPN8008D Sensor.

OPNCAM8508C Dolphin 297-1MA-UAOPNCAM8508C Dolphin 297-1MAOPNCAM8008 Hawk 588-1MA-UA
Interface USB 3.0 MIPI USB 3.0
Frame Rate 5 - 60fps 5 - 60fps 5 - 30fps
Measurement Range 0.15 - 2.0m 0.15 - 2.0m 0.2 - 10m
FOV 71.8°(H) * 56.5°(V) 71.8°(H) * 56.5°(V) 86°(H) * 68°(V)
Illumination 940nm, 3W 940nm, 3W 850nm


To learn about more ToF cameras based on different sensors, please click here.


SensorOPN8008D, global shutter
Resolution 320 * 240
Pixel size 15um
Sensor size 1/3’’
Frame rate 5 – 60fps
Measurement range 0.15 – 2.0m
FOV 71.8°(H) * 56.5°(V)
Distortion <2.5%
Illumination 940nm,3W
Power consumption 340mW
Depth accuracy <=1% / <=1cm
Interface USB3.0
Dimensions (L*W*H) 100mm * 54mm * 24.33mm


  • Face recognition and face motion tracking
  • 3D reconstruction
  • AR/VR
  • Hand and finger tracking for gesture control and interaction with virtual objects
  • Visual support for robot grippers
  • People counting and motion analysis
  • Surveillance



Please click here if you want to learn more about this product.

Parts List

1 x OPNCAM8508C Dolphin 297-1MA MIPI Interface 3D ToF Camera

1 x USB Type-C Cable


HSCODE 8525801390
RoHS 1





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