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      RF Explorer WSUB1G+
      RF Explorer WSUB1G+
      RF Explorer WSUB1G+
      RF Explorer WSUB1G+
      RF Explorer WSUB1G+
      RF Explorer WSUB1G+
      RF Explorer WSUB1G+
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      RF Explorer WSUB1G+

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      RF Explorer WSUB1G+ is a powerful, high performance digital spectrum analyzer covering the 1GHz frequency range starting at 50KHz.

      It is a very affordable solution replacing base model WSUB1G with additional features, capabilities and frequency coverage.


      •Internal LNA amplifier and selectable attenuator

      •Low frequency support from 50KHz covering LF, MF, HF, VHF and UHF up to 960Mhz

      •New HELP and SET buttons to improve user interface and configuration selection with 2-clicks

      •Ideal choice for HAM bands from 160meters to 33cm

      •Wide band coverage to all popular sub-1Ghz bands, including FM, TV and DTV, ISM, RFID, GSM, etc.

      •Pocket size and light weight

      •Solid aluminum metal case

      •Spectrum Analyzer mode with Peak Max and Hold, Normal, Overwrite and Averaging modes

      •High capacity internal Lithium battery for 16hs+ of continuous run, rechargeable by USB

      •Multi-platform Windows/Linux/MacOS Open Source software and API libraries

      •Can be extended with internal Expansion Modules for additional band and functionality

      For any technical support or suggestion, please kindly go to the official website.

      Technical Details

      Dimensions180mm x 130mm x 70mm
      WeightG.W 543g    
      BatteryLithium Cells / Batteries contained in equipment UN3481 - PI967
      Frequency band0.05 – 960MHz
      Frequency span0.1 – 960MHz
      Internal selectable LNA25dB gain
      Internal selectable Attenuator30dB
      ScreenGraphics LCD 128x64 pixels, great visibility outdoors
      Amplitude resolution0.5dBm
      Dynamic range-125dBm to 10dBm
      Absolute Max input power+30dBm
      Average noise level (typical LNA)-125dBm
      Frequency stability and accuracy (typical)+-10ppm
      Amplitude stability and accuracy (typical)+-2dBm
      Frequency resolution1Khz
      Resolution bandwidth (RBW)automatic 2.6Khz to 600Khz
      SystemSupport included for Windows, Linux and MacOS X

      Part List

      Spectrum Analyzer1
      Mini USB cable1
      NA-773 antenna1
      UHF 400-900Mhz antenna1
      Silicone boot protection1
      EVA case1


      Questions and Answers

      The technical specs say that the battery is excluded. What kind of battery does it take and how much is the battery? Does the WSUB1G+ have a tracking generator? Thank you.
      on Oct 29,2017
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      Hi - it includes high quality internal Lithium battery 1000mAhThe WSUB1G+ can be used with RF Explorer Generator to work in tracking generator mode, fully supported.
      on Oct 30,2017 18:08 PM
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      Hi Richard~ Thanks for your comment. We have checked this product, it turns out that the battery is include.My college will fix the technical specs.What is more, the RF Explorer WSUB1G+ can work with tracking generator by using the RF Explorer Generator, same as other models. The Tracking SNA is fully supported. Regards
      on Oct 30,2017 18:11 PM
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      It should probably be mentioned that the RF Explorer Generator only works down to 24 MHz, so the tracking sna does not fully support the WSUB1G+ below that frequency - unless I am reading the specs incorrectly. Regards.
      on Oct 31,2017 06:29 AM
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      yes, that is correct. An internal expansion module will be available for the RF Explorer Generator in 2018 to work down to 100KHz (or probably even lower).
      on Oct 31,2017 19:08 PM
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      I'm trying to detect TETRA digital radio frequency emitting from emergency service vehicles (I know they are using TETRA system with a frequency range of 380-430 MHz). Can RF Explorer WSUB1G+ detect those frequencies ? If it can, how far away can it detect the signal ? I mean I am looking at a range of 1000 meters.
      on Nov 20,2017
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      Hi there~ Here are the reply from the supplier --The signal detection really depends on the antenna you use, with the included antenna may not be easy to differentiate from other nearby noise if too far from the signal source. If you know the orientation of the signal source you can use a directional yagi antenna and point towards that direction, it will have a much longer detection distance. We suggest you to try and we can provide support if you run into questions.regards
      on Nov 27,2017 19:10 PM
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        RF Explorer WSUB1G+

        SKU 114991051
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        This item is not available at the moment
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